5 Ways You Unknowingly Invite Burglars into Your Homes


Burglary into the house
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Our home functions as the highest form of sanctuary our life can offer.

It is a haven where we can allay all of our worries, foster the growth of our children and engender our security. In essence, our homes do not only function as our dwellings, but a protected avenue that provides respite from a day’s activities. This is precisely why it is the pinnacle of every homeowner’s trepidation and anxiety to have their respective homes burgled.

You may think that only the affluent would be victimized, but the truth is crooks do not discriminate. It would not matter to them whether you are billed in a swanky condo or in residence such as in a new Avida Woodhill Settings Nuvaliwhen you leave your home unprotected, you have successfully marked your home as a target. As a result of this apprehension, homeowners get rather crafty when it comes to installing security devices for their homes to be a step ahead of would-be pilferers.

Unfortunately, equipping your homes with the latest state of the art safety devices or furnishing different areas of your home with techy cameras would do so little in deterring thieves from marking your home as a potential booty trove. The reality is, you dear homeowner may have been unwittingly inviting them into your den either by your brazen display of wealth or lack of common sense.

Curious as to how you may be inadvertently luring these unsavory and uninvited guests? Then read on below and find out the various ways you could be inviting robbers into your homes.

  • Noticeable consumption

We get it; you are proud of your acquisitions and your possessions. There is no shame in that as you have worked hard to obtain all these items after all. However, remember a constant stream of boxes littered on prominent places in your house such as TV boxes scattered by the trash bin outside, online shopping shipments delivered to your homes, etc. is one way to get you noticed.

Remember, robbers usually scout neighborhoods and mark potential homes as targets before committing a robbery and if you are continually leaving traces of your purchases outside your home, you may be as well as pointing a big red arrow towards your house.

  • Lack of Exterior Lighting

Crooks and thieves love to prowl in the dark, and if you have not done anything to illuminate the outside space of your home, you are effectively sending a signal to these unscrupulous charlatans to raid your house undetected.

Have a spotlight or two in the dark areas of your home, especially the outside areas and those areas near doors. This will ward off potential thieves from breaching your home.

  • Leaving out a spare key

While spare keys may be handy for your teenaged children who would go out at night or for family members with unsynchronized schedules, this will likely encourage a thief to break into your home. Consider that thieves routinely check usual spare key hiding places that the fake rocks and hiding it under mats no longer cut it.

So, before giving thieves this rather easy access to breaching your homes, consider giving each family member their designated house key instead.

  • Poor vacation planning

Vacations are beautiful, and it makes everyone happy…including thieves. Thieves are very meticulous when it comes to surveying potential target houses. They routinely check for stuffed mailboxes, absent residents, darkened windows and just a general air of a home absent its owner—all the things that would make your home a welcome addition to their “to rob shopping list.”

Consider asking your neighbors to at least swing by your house from time to time, or have a light open to give would be thieves an illusion of presence and to deter them from entering your property.

  • Visible valuables

This was bears no elaboration, but unfortunately, some of us would love to have our possessions in open display for everyone to see. Flat plasma screen TV’s, techy toys left outside by the lawn, and other expensive heirlooms placed on display for passers-by to see will efficiently tempt them to burgle your home.

Remember, the more valuable the thing you display is, the higher your house ranks in their marked list.

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