Create the Perfect Love Haven this Valentine’s Day


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Home is where the heart is…

No aphorism has gained more notoriety than this clichéd saying. Well, while that may be true, there is a bigger incentive of turning this platitude into a reality, and that is none other than Valentine’s Day. With this amorous once in a year holiday looming over us, couples whether married or not make the painstaking effort of trying to present their lovers with the perfect gift.

But for couples already living together, why not take a more frugal tack by turning your home into the perfect romantic retreat? Not only is it a lot friendlier in your pocket, but the grand effort and gesture are sure to be appreciated by your lover.

However, when it comes to creating the perfect love nest for a romantic evening, most people misguidedly assume that all the work needs to be concentrated in the bedroom. Complementing the bedroom’s romantic setup with the ultimate ambiance will do wonders.

When envisioning your perfect stay at home date night, do not seclude all redecorations in the bedroom. Branch out and make the rest of the house just as romantic so that when your lover comes home, she or he will not only be coming back to a romantic night with you but to a romantic mood setting as well.

Take note; your lovers may not be as receptive to your efforts should the homelike atmosphere be tainted with excessive clutter and odd odors. So, whether you are billeted at a residential home such as a sky rise condo or at Avida Towers in San Lorenzo, this Valentine’s Day complement the perfect gift with the ideal environment.

In this vein, while you are setting the house up a date night, consider incorporating these various tips to create the ultimate love haven.


Clutter, wherever situated, is not only an eyesore, but it also destroys the mood and creates visual noise. Not only is it a guaranteed sight to turn your date off, but by continuously living with a plethora of clutter could potentially expose you to disease. Considering having these things organized and stored only aggravates the existing problem as you will be accumulating more stuff by purchasing items to store these clutter in it.

Whatever you have in excess such as clothing, last year’s holiday decorations, comic books, magazines, toys, etc. should be disposed of it. By clinging on to these items, you are effectively letting bacteria thrive in your very own home as dust; mold and mildew find clutter to be a natural habitat. This affects air quality as well.

Amp up the mood and create more floor space as nothing turns anyone off faster than seeing someone live in perpetual filth. Besides, when you have cleared the space of the clutter, you have a lot more room to have an evening dance with them.


Another way to create a romantic mood for the home is to utilize personalized artwork. Instead of shelling out loads of cash for abstract artwork, create a romantic look by having personalized wall hangings even for just a night. Deck the living room walls with romantic photos you and your significant other have taken or turn them into a collage.

If you want to achieve that artsy and romantic effect, have them printed in a sepia tone or black and white. Do not limit yourself to the walls; you can incorporate other items as well by having the sheet of your wedding song framed and placed on a counter table. You can even display little mementos in strategic locations that would more or less have a sign on your partner—the possibilities are endless, just be creative with it.


When it comes to creating a romantic vibe for your home, you need to consider that lighting is essential. However, this does not mean that you should install new lights, instead choose a more practical option by utilizing candles. To complement the softened lighting and dimmed effect, pick candles that are scented.


Finish off the entire mini-redecoration by peppering the house with light scents that do not have a cloying artificial scent. An excellent base would always be cleaning the house and mopping the floor with water infused with fresh lemon. Apart from candles, you can utilize potpourri for the living room which can double up as a nifty décor as well and lastly, get rid of the pervasive kitchen smell by burning fragrant things such as dried orange or lemon peels in one corner.

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