Beautiful Homes: Ways to Keep Your Homes Cool (Without Turning on the Air-Conditioning Unit All the Time)


“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful”-Hazrat Inayat Khan


As we anticipate the hottest months ahead of us, we try to come up with ways to stay cool in this sweltering season.

However, in the Philippines, cooling off would almost always mean blasting off the air-conditioning unit the entire day or strolling around the mall where the supposed “aircon” is free. Unfortunately, if one is constrained at home then the only option would be to constantly have the air-conditioning unit turned on. But unless you can pay for hefty and exorbitant electricity bills, this is not a likely nor is it a feasible alternative. Apart from jacking up your electricity bill, there is just something off about staying in a wintry environment when it is so hot outside. The entire ambiance of your home would feel contrived owing to the artificial chill. So then, what are you homeowners supposed to do to cool off? Well, as it turns out, you do not have to languish during the scorching season. Of course, there is a myriad of ways to make your homes cooler and the best thing about it is that you do not have to crank up your air conditioning unit all the time.

In any case, whether you are living in condo in Mandaluyong or elsewhere, here are some of the best tips to cool off during the hotter seasons:



At night, welcome the cool summer breeze in especially when you live in a place where it is significantly cooler at night. Once the sun goes down, try popping the windows open and you will be amazed at how much cooler it will be with the cool air blowing in. It gives you homes an overall refreshing and invigorating ambiance. Further improve your home’s ventilation by utilizing fans to create tunnels of cool air blowing into your home. You can further get the most out of our efforts with this method by cracking a window on the main floor of the house.


While we are at that, keep in mind to make sure that your blinds are closed during the day. It turns out the some of the unwanted heat in your home is coming through your windows via the greenhouse effect. In other words, sunlight and heat can enter but are unable to escape. To address this, keep your blinds closed during the day. Double-up the effect by getting light-colored blinds that would reflect instead of absorb heat then open them again by sun down when it would be noticeably much cooler.



A major oversight among most homeowners is failing to factor in appliances as a source of unwanted heat inside the home. Sure, windows would immediately be considered as the common denominator among stifling hot homes but another common factor would be the home’s appliances. Obviously, the oven is already a given but most appliances throw off a lot of heat when they are running. To mitigate their heat output, here are some of the things you can do:


Do chores at night

Conventionally, homeowners would do their chores during the day where there is ample light going around. However, during the summer season, it might be best to opt doing household chores at night. Laundry machines tend to throw off a lot of heat. If you coupled that with the washer and the driers running during the day then you will inevitably have a hotter environment. You might not be able to get a way out of doing chores during the summer season, but at least do it in the least scorching parts of the day.


Skip the oven/store

In this regard, you are encouraged to grill more. Ovens and even stove-tops can easily make your homes into a sweltering den with constant usage. With this in mind, grill your food while you can. However, if a meal necessitates the use of a stove then be sure to at least turn the range hood on. If you do not have a range hood that serves as a vent then turn the fan on—especially if it vents out to the exterior. Keep in mind that if it just recirculates the air, it would not be as effective.


Maximize your air conditioner

To get the most out of your air conditioner, keep in mind that the smoother and more efficient it runs, the cooler your house will be when it is turned on. To make the most out of your air conditioners, install a programmable thermostat instead of fiddling with the temperature night and day just trying to get it right. Also, remember to change your air conditioning filters regularly. At the most, clean it every six weeks (especially with heavy use) or else it would not be as efficient in cooling your homes. Dirty filters would also consequently reduce air quality, efficiency and air flow.


Keep doors inside the home open

Let the air flow and be sure to keep doors inside your home wide open. Let air freely flow from one room to another and throughout the entire house. A good airflow generally means a cooler home. Keep your doors open to prevent your homes from becoming stifling hot environments.


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