Cleaner and More Organized Homes: Household Items You Should Get Rid of Immediately


“Clutter is stuck energy. The word “clutter” is derived from the Middle English word “clotter”, which means to coagulate—and that is about as stuck as you can get.” –Karen Kingston

Clutter, regardless of what form they may take, contributes to the negative energy surrounding a living space.

In this regard, a room encumbered with innumerable stuff would look like it is in a perpetual state of disarray and as a result would look overwhelmingly confusing. More importantly, it is quite difficult to relax in such rooms—particularly when it looks like there is so much going on. After all, a room that is overwhelmed with household items and clutter would be a lot to take in. Apart from creating visual noise, cluttered rooms tend to invite feelings of anxiety. With all these considered homeowners who seem to have an affinity with clutter need to rethink their house cleaning and organizing strategy.

Which brings us to the next question: Why is it that we have so much clutter? (At times, even too much). Primarily, this stems from our insistence to keep some of our old things—regardless of its usability and functionality—all in the name of nostalgia and sentimentality. However, a more dominant reason would be the fact that most homeowners are at a loss as to when some things should be thrown out. A lot of our household items do not come with an expiration date and would resultantly lead to homeowners keeping them for so long as they could even if they are way past their state of usability and functionality. However, this is basically the root cause as to why you have perpetually cluttered and disorganized homes and if you wish to address that, you need to be aware that there are some items that have to be thrown away. If you are unsure as to what truly belongs in the trash heap, let this article serve as your guide and begin purging your homes from the unwanted mess. In any case, whether you live in a condo in Quezon City or in a flat elsewhere, here are some of the household items in each area of your homes that you should get rid of immediately:




  • Disposable Silverware– Unless you are entertaining regularly or do not eat home quite often, having disposable silverware at home is a cardinal sign of laziness. Let us face it, you just do not want to wash your dishes and would rather dump everything in the trash the moment you are done. However, in your staunch refusal to wash your proper silverware, you are not only contributing to a more polluted earth, you are effectively taking up more space as well. Disposable silverware or plastic/paper utensils are only acceptable if you are hosting parties. At other times, you should get rid of them.
  • Condiment packets– You do not need to excessively and compulsively save them every single time you dine out at fast food restaurants. They take up space and you already have a bottle of ketchup anyway.
  • Leftovers (more than a week old)- If it has been sitting in your fridge for more than a couple of days, you most likely have forgotten it already. Dispose of it. Chances are it has likely attracted bacteria by now.
  • Anything expired– Condiments lose their flavour over time. Other staples such as sugar and flour are not as effective as they are when they are fresh. If there is something in your pantry that has been sitting there for the past six months without being used, consider throwing it out. On a side note: You should only buy pantry staples when you know you will be using them. There is no point wasting money on flour, baking soda and the like if you are not going to be using them anyway.




  • Old clothes that no longer fit– Stop hanging on to them with the hopes of losing or gaining weight in the future. It is old and unusable. Plus, there is a likely chance that you are going to find something better in the future anyway.
  • Broken sunglasses– You promised yourself that you will have it fixed—one year ago. And yet, here you are, still with broken sunglasses.
  • Shoes you have not worn in years– If you do not see yourself realistically wearing them anytime soon, might as well give them away or dispose of them.
  • Accessories you never wear– What is the point of having them taking up valuable closet real estate when they do not even serve its purpose?


Home Office


  • Old Newspapers– Why are you even keeping them? Unless you wish to clip articles that feature you or any family member, what is the point of even having them occupy space? If a particular paper features a news article you do like, clip it but toss the newspaper it came from.
  • Magazines more than two months old– In this digital age wherein everything can be found online, it is a wonder why people still insist on keeping their Magazine subscriptions. In any case, if you cannot cancel yours, clip the articles and recipes you wish to reread from time to time. Everything else belongs in the bin.
  • Receipts– Receipts should immediately be discarded after they have been recorded and tabulated into your household budget chart.
  • Greeting Cards– Greeting cards should only be kept only if they contain more than the generic felicitations. Other times, you should discard of them.


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