Is Your Real Estate Agent Trustworthy?

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Recently, there has been a large influx of real estate brokers owing to the proliferation and abundance of real estate development projects. In almost every nook and cranny in the country, you can spot a condominium high-rise that has been erected or about to be erect. In the same vein, this would mean that in order to ensure the continuation of their business, they would have to find potential buyers of their properties. This is where your average real estate broker comes in; they serve as the mediator between you and the real estate project’s developer. They would assist you in your home buying journey and is essentially your partner throughout it all. Additionally, he or she should have your best interests in mind. This is how your ideal real estate broker should be like it.

Unfortunately, though, many real estate brokers practice unsavory schemes and would cut corners just to make a quick sale and to get their commissions. They would cause you a lot of problems and would potentially mean a pecuniary loss on your part. However, though inevitable the existence of these unscrupulous charlatans may be, you can be very well prepared for them should you encounter them. The simple trick is to pick apart those real estate brokers that would want to help you and those who are just looking to make a sale and a hasty exit. After all, you want to protect one of your significant investment here in the Philippines. To help you in giving your potential real estate brokers a closer scrutiny, read the list of things you should be aware of below.


When you are purchasing real estate property, your real estate broker will be the one who would directly assist you with this purchase. A reliable agent, as well as a smart one, would know most if not all, of the details about the project he is overseeing and selling. This is imperative as your agent would be the one assisting you with paper works and follow-ups with the developers. Enlisting the assistance of an unworthy agent as well as an incompetent one will leave you with potential problems and would most likely flake on your the moment problems would resurface. To assess if your agent is incompetent, he would not be able to answer your questions regarding the property and would keep referring you to his superiors. This agent apparently did not do his homework so steer clear away from him.


A real estate broker who cares about you would make your needs a priority and would always ask you what these specific needs are. A trustworthy broker would ask you for your purchase, your requirements as well as what you need. While a real estate agent who has little to no regard for you at all will push you to purchase a certain property until he gets you to sign the deal. If the property does not sit well with you, do not give in to your real estate broker’s supplications or laudable praises as regards the property.


No matter how great the project sounds, every choice has its respective advantages and disadvantages; this includes the one you are looking to buy. If your broker or agent does not offer you two sides of the coin in what he is suggesting, he may either be lying or incredibly incompetent in seeing the other side of the things. Apart from that, he may just be looking forward to having a specific sale with you that he is afraid that might diminish his chances should he tell you about the cons. Whichever it may be, this agent is not worthy of your trust.


This is the last though probably not the least concern you should have in looking for a trustworthy agent or broker. Should your broker be sans a license, that would mean he is incredibly unaware or ignorant of the country’s laws regarding real estate. Apart from that, possession of a license would say this individual is serious in his profession and would likely do business with you in an appropriate manner.

Keep these four things in mind when you are dealing with your brokers and agents as this will make it easier for you to spot which agents would potentially cause you problems and those who would assist you till the very end.

One thought on “Is Your Real Estate Agent Trustworthy?

  1. It is really hard to find a trustworthy real estate broker. You should look for these signs to know if they are trustworthy or not:

    They have been a Real Estate Broker for a long time.
    They have had successful transactions and positive feedbacks from their clients.
    They can be easily contacted online and offline.
    They should be affiliated with an office or has an office.
    They should have in depth knowledge of the real estate industry.
    They should cater to your real estate needs as their priority.
    They should guide you and not bug you with your transaction.

    These are some of the things that you should look for in a real estate broker but they are not limited to these. Your real estate broker should be your friend for your real estate requirements.

    Here is a nice read about a real estate broker:

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