Different Types of Newspaper Advertisements

In today’s digital world, some businesses might think twice about utilizing other forms of advertisement besides online ones. Considerations such as overall cost, time, and effort have to be well thought-out.  Say, for example, newspaper advertising. Is it worth it? Google’s own study says 56% researched or purchased at least one product they saw advertised in a newspaper whereas 52% were more likely to buy if they see it printed. Though the report was done a few years back, the fact remains that promotion on print media can still serve as a positive reinforcement to your online marketing plan. Plus, it opens an opportunity to a new set of audience, the ones who continuously support prints.

Here are different types of advertisement in case you’re thinking of running an ad for your manila condo for rent in a local or national paper:

Classified ads. They are mainly categorized into two: (1) text classifieds which are primarily composed of texts, words, numbers or figures; and (2) display classifieds which have images included. They are placed under a particular section of the newspaper called classified ads.

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                                                                                       Image Credit

  • Size: takes up small space, usually three (3) to four (4) lines
  • Charge: per line; for text classifieds, cost increases for every additional line; for display classifieds, it varies from the photo if full color or not; businesses are charged higher compared to individuals
  • Purpose: meant for small businesses looking for possible lead generation or regular consumers who want to sell or advertise diverse items ranging from Makati condominiums for rent to personal paraphernalia
  • Advantage: most cost-effective among all types; most useful if the ad is run consistently as “consistency” may translate to “stability.”

Display ads. They occupied larger space and positioned under the general news or at times, classifieds.

                                                                                  Image Credit


  • Size: takes up either a quarter, half or full length of a page
  • Charge: based on the amount of area consumed — per square meter or column centimeter; six (6) to seven (7) times more expensive than display classifieds
  • Purpose: meant to make customers aware of the new product or service in the market
  • Advantage: attracts most attention among all types because of the space available for photos and copy; if done full page, option may include order forms for leadgen purposes (a.k.a. direct response ads)

Business card adsThey are located anywhere in the newspaper but more often than not, grouped near the classified ads

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                                                                                              Image Credit

  • Size: size of a business card with thick borders surrounding the ad
  • Charge: it depends on the publication, payment may be made by month
  • Purpose: meant to introduce or help end users remember the company; functions like a local “yellow page.”
  • Advantage: catches people’s interest more than classified ads; more flexible when it comes to the design, images, and texts to use

Other Types:

  • Circular ads: glossy inserts or sheets with business details that are typically printed by a different party and just inserted along as a newspaper ad
  • Coupon/sales ads: basically used for sales promotions where shoppers can get discounts and special offers on products or services used frequently

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