Newspaper Ads: Parts and Elements of a Real Estate Ad

This is a three-part series about Newspaper Ads. This 3-fold course aims to impart knowledge about the real estate advertisements done on paper – the parts, the elements, the qualities that make them attractive to the reader’s eyes, and how you can design your property ad that is effective and would generate leads. In the first sequence, let’s look into its parts and elements.

Headline. This is one of the most powerful elements of an advertisement. As your main entry point, this is intended to catch people’s attention in just one glance. A sub-headline is sometimes placed under it to enforce the impact of the headline. This is optional though.

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Body. The copy is certainly the heart of the print ad. This basically includes the details.

  • Benefits. Why would a person buy a condo from you, what is it for them?
  • Price. Though not mandatory, including price will immediately compel the client notice your post.
  • Urgency. Why now? What will I miss if I do it next week instead?
  • Call to Action. How can they contact you? Can they like your Facebook fan page to learn more?
  • Signature. Information about the company, tagline and logo, physical address, phone number, and website.

Illustration. Pictures speak a thousand words. In the real estate industry, putting in a photo is an integral part of an advertisement. If you’re selling a condo in Makati from AvidaLand, an image of that will be another way for prospective buyers to gain interest. Another option is a floor plan.

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Other elements. Other elements are coupons for those who have ongoing promotions, QR codes for mobile phones and terms and conditions listed at the bottom.

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