Three Reasons Why Feng Shui is Not Working for You


“The most important thing to understand is that feng shui is really about the energy surrounding you in your personal space” –Lillian Too


It has been said that Feng Shui is the art of introducing positive energy into our homes and eliminating the bad ones. It carries many benefits with it with better health and significantly better chances in attracting love and improving the various states of your business.

In this regard, many homeowners have taken it upon themselves to Feng Shui their home—not only as a decorating concept but rather as a medium for attracting luck. So, if you are one of the hopeful homeowners who had enlisted the expertise of a professional and signed yourself up for some feng shui 2018 in the Philippines then I am going to assume you had goals in mind. Unfortunately, it seems like the promised benefits are either waylaid or the Feng Shui in your home is not working as promised. What is wrong? Is there any truth to the rewarding results of Feng Shui at all? Or is the concept just a fancy way of restating a decorating technique? Well, before you start dismissing Feng Shui as ineffective or a myth, you may want to revisit the reasons as t why Feng Shui might not be working for you. You might have been utilizing Feng Shui but have not been appropriately implementing it leading you with less desirable results.

In any case, here are some of the biggest reasons why the results of your home’s Feng Shui have fallen short of your expectations:


You have not implemented the sudden changes

Simply stated, you did not take the expert advice of the Feng Shui master you had consulted. More often than not, homeowners become increasingly frustrated by not attracting the kind of luck they had wanted even after they had consulted a Feng Shui expert only to find out that the fault is mostly theirs. An expert’s opinion as to how your furnishings should be positioned should be taken seriously and implemented in the home. So, if a Feng Shui master tells you to make some changes in your home setup, you would need to effect those if you wish to attract positive energy. Unfortunately, in most cases only a single family member is open to the idea of changing the furniture layout of the home with the rest resisting to the idea. As a result, no significant changes will be effected. So, if you are hoping to avail of the services of a Feng Shui master for your home, consult the other family members first and come into agreement about your plan first.


You only implemented a few feng Shui tips

Common among those who do not seek help and assistance from Feng Shui experts, most homeowners would simply implement only a select few Feng Shui tips—mostly coming from online articles. However, Feng Shui should be holistically approached insomuch that you cannot cut it into parts and expect it to produce results. Unfortunately, many homeowners just take one part of what they have read on the internet and effect only the changes they deem fit and expect it to attract positive energy. When that does not happen, people would then dismiss the entire concept as hogwash. Remember, if you expect positive results, you have to take Feng Shui as a whole and not nitpick only those decorating ideas that you like. It is all of it or none of it at all. With this in mind, you can also expect better results if you consulted an expert on the field instead of doing it all yourself by effecting what you have read on the internet.


You neglected details from other Feng Shui rules

When we said that Feng Shui should be a holistic approach, we mean in its entirety which means that every single aspect will converge and commingle at one point. Unfortunately, those who are new to Feng Shui techniques cannot quite comprehend what it really means. Similarly, those who implement Feng Shui tips and cures without really understanding it tend to haphazardly implement Feng Shui tips while overlooking details from other Feng Shui rules. Unfortunately, this oversight can negatively impact the overall effect. Remember, there is quite a lot of rules involved in Feng Shui so you need to make sure that those you do implement will not conflict with one another. With this in mind, it is best to consult the expertise of a professional—particularly if you are inexperienced as there are details such as bed placement rules that might be easy to miss with an untrained eye.


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