Home Selling 101: Three Ways to be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent pointing while showing the house to couple

“Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they are interested in buying it. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and try to see what they see within the first eight seconds.” –Barbara Corcoran


Buying a home might be an individual’s biggest investment—a financial milestone if you may and yet the fact remains that selling a home can be quite the challenging endeavor.

The problem lies in the reality that in the Philippines, real estate properties remain in abundance while those are able to afford them remain only to be a few individuals. The glaring contrast between real estate properties and their potential homebuyers remains to be one of the compelling reasons why selling real estate in the Philippines remains to be quite a daunting and difficult task. After all, with real estate properties to sell, how sure would you be that you would be able to find a buyer? Let alone an appropriate one? Seeing as selling real estate properties is no easy feat, real estate agents who have made it big in the industry and have made a name for themselves are regarded with awe in respect. With way too many real estate professionals in the country trying to meet their monthly quota, one might even ask themselves: How do these individuals manage to be on top of their game? More importantly, how do they level up the playing field? How do they make it so easy to find buyers for a house and lot for sale in Bulacan or even in Laguna? What are their secrets? Well, now you do not have to wonder no more.

Read on below to step up your game and ensure that your clients—regardless of whether they are past or present—will always have you in the forefront of their minds whenever they are thinking of purchasing property in the Philippines. Here are some of the most compelling tips for real estate success from the real estate pros themselves:


Project a good first impression

More often than not, the success of an initial meeting is primarily hinged on how you project and conduct yourself. A good first impression works wonders and would often give you the results you want. Keep in mind that you would inevitably be conducting business and meetings with clients who are either esteemed individuals or coming from privileged families. In this regard, this type of client would not only demand a sharp appearance from you but an intellect to match it as well. You should be able to pique their curiosity enough to effect an offer from them. When it comes to selling real estate, keep in mind that you are not just selling homes but you are selling yourself as well. After all, if you want to succeed, you need to ensure that the client finishes the entire transaction with you and not any other real estate agent.


Address their concerns

There are times wherein your client would not be able to pay the down payment upfront. As a result, many of them might request for a special payment term from you. On your part, this might mean extra work and research to justify the request to the finance department. Not to mention, this kind of concern might require a bit of gall and nerve on your end to have it approved by the financing department. An easier route would have been to flatly tell the client that this is not allowed and that the request cannot be approved. However, if you did not go out of your way to address your client’s concerns, you would likely miss out on being inevitably recommended to their network of connections filled with individuals who will be similarly looking for real estate properties. Take the extra mile—especially if you are convinced that your client wants the unit. Soldier on until you get the approval and you will see that you and your client will be happy.


On a side note, be sure to address all of the client’s queries. Take note: Clients will be skeptical if they cannot make an informed decision because you have failed to answer pertinent questions. Answer all of their queries the best way that you can and give them a flexible payment term which they can work with. Lastly, give them a compelling reason why an investment on the project you are offering would be worth it.


Know the best time to contact your client

The fastest way to make a prospective client decline your offer is to constantly pester them with your calls about new offers and payment discounts. Do not constantly pester your client as you will only end up having your calls screened or worse, blocked. Know when the best time to call is so that you would not be intruding on their work hours. Calling on a Monday morning is ill-advised as most of your prospective clients will be working and really busy on that day. If a client does not show any interest, leave it be and do not badger them to see if you can change their mind. An interested client would give you a call or even send a message. Calling your client on strategic hours can be very helpful in ensuring that they would finish the transaction with you and buy from you as well.


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