5 Ways to Include Family Outdoor Activities in Your Weekend Schedule

wooden bench in forest nature park

Photo by Skitterphoto

The weekend means everyone is at home. Nobody has to wake up early to prepare for school or work. You can enjoy your meals as a family since you don’t have to rush. You and your family can come together and set your itinerary for the day without the pressure of not having enough time. You have the whole day to do the things everyone is sure to enjoy – shopping at Ayala Mall Vermosa, watching the latest DC superhero movie or visiting the bowling alley.

This time, why not try different outdoor activities? Several places you can visit allows you to get busy and stay active. You can choose between land, water or air. Each setting offers a unique experience that suits different personalities. Isn’t it exciting? However, the great outdoors can overwhelm first-timers. It’s best to go easy until your family gets used to the heat of the sun or the distances you must cover.

Going outdoors makes a healthy family. To encourage everyone to join your nature trips, here are the ways on how to integrate outdoor activities into your weekend schedule.

1. Don’t rush it

Getting used to nature needs adjustment. Though part of daily life is going out, being in the forest or on the beach is different from staying in the mall. The mall has chairs, restaurants, and shops. You can easily acquire everything you need for a convenient stay. It is different during your nature trips. You must first pick a suitable location to camp or sit. You also have to pack the things you need. You must have a water jug, snacks, and clothing to change in after swimming or camping. You must also bring equipment. Some outdoor activities like hiking, snowboarding, and geolocating require you to have ropes, a snowboard, and a GPS. There’s no need to stress about these details when checking in a resort. But if it’s a one-day excursion, you must care for your equipment.
These things might not be a hassle to you, but children and others in your company might find these inconvenient. If that’s the case, you should skip overnight and extended trips. Instead, go out for a few hours at a time. Even if it’s only a short time, always ensure to set up or try out fun and exciting activities. It makes everyone appreciate what they see and encounter. Playing catch at a local park, setting a backyard camp or tracing local trails are some beginner activities you can do. It helps family members adjust to the environment, the smells and the weather.

2. Make everyone feel comfortable

Remember, everyone experiences the same activities differently. Some people enjoy it and want to try it again even if it’s their first time. Others do not. They wish to end it at once it or skip it altogether. With that, you must be sensitive how your companions feel. Ask them how they feel. Do they look forward to doing it again next week or do they wish to explore other options which are less taxing? Do they feel safe? Do they prefer being on dry land or being underwater? Do they prefer the view from the distance or do they want to get close? These questions give you an insight into their preferences. It’s best to speak with each person to get their opinion of the trip. That way, you can find common ground between their wants and needs and come up with an activity that makes everyone happy.

Besides inquiring about each person’s experience, you must also be patient. Do not force anyone to do something that makes them uneasy. First-time hikers, for instance, can feel anxious and challenged with the distance and altitude. If they back out half the hike, you shouldn’t force them to continue the climb. Keep your cool and understand them. Backing out might be their way of expressing that they feel intimidated. You can coax them to try again but don’t pressure them to continue if they aren’t ready.

3. Encourage good memories

People who have a great time doing something are more likely to commit to the activity over those who have a terrible experience. The fastest way to spend more time outdoors is to celebrate a holiday in nature. Almost everyone is in a good mood when out of school and office. Going on a nature trip and doing activities everyone enjoy is plus. You don’t only end up with a fun-filled holiday. You also create lasting memories.

Use birthdays, anniversaries, Labor Day and other holidays as an excuse to head out. Go on top of a hill, take a dip in saltwater, or try a zip line – excellent reasons to go out of town during time off school and work. Swimming lessons, horseback riding or scenic driving are also examples of unforgettable activities that allow your family members to explore their passions while out of the house. If you decide to head out, check the weather conditions of the places you plan to visit. That way, you can wear appropriate clothing and bring necessary items.

4. Praise accomplishments

Doing sports or taking a nature trip can make people feel inferior especially if it’s their first time — a way to uplift their spirits or to motivate them to do it more often to compliment them. No matter their accomplishment, giving them encouragements or a patting them on the back shows you appreciate their effort. Praises are highly effective towards children. It teaches them that they do the right things. Valuing their work also makes them feel good. You associate their actions with feel-good sensations which is also beneficial in creating memories.

5. Schedule different outdoor recreational activities each weekend

You don’t have to commit to the same things even if everyone enjoys them. For consistent nature trips, you should vary your activities. Include different pursuits each weekend. Taking time to research the available facilities and destinations in your area gives you an idea of which recreational activities are possible. You can also try sports if there’s not much to see in your area. It provides the same action and thrills you get from an outdoor adventure.

You should train your children and family members to embrace the outdoors. It’s a great pastime as it keeps family members healthy and happy. It also challenges your mind and body. Most of all, it improves family relationships. Going outdoors encourages bonding time with your parents, spouse, siblings, and the children with putting too much pressure in conversations.

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