How to Avoid Chaos in the Kitchen This Christmas

man woman kitchen christmas feast
Photo by Soroush Karimi

As a homemaker, you might be in charge of the stressful parts of the holiday season – decorating, buying gifts, or preparing the Christmas feast. Home decoration is a challenge because you must think of a concept that works best with all the rooms in your home. If you’re on a budget, you must search for items that complement your concept while still within specific price brackets. Shopping for gifts is easy when you know which stuff to buy and where to find them.

Meanwhile, the feast is a different story. Of the three things on the list, cooking is the most demanding. You have to buy the ingredients at organic market Manila. You must prep the meat, cut vegetables and figure out which foodstuff goes well with what you bought. Afterward, you must set the table. You must bring out your prized porcelain flatware and find the tablecloth that highlights all your hard work.

These are nothing compared to the state of your kitchen. To keep drinks flowing and to ensure everyone gets a bite of your recipes, you must leave your kitchen in a mess. You can clean up after the festivities, but do you think you still have the energy to do it? If you wish to have a clean kitchen even after cooking a full-course meal, then you should follow the tips below.

Create a list of what you need

Having a checklist to follow is one way to keep focused on the things you must do. How you organize your list is up to you as long as everything you need is on it. The list must consist of grocery items, tasks to accomplish before Christmas, and the remaining stuff you must finish on the day. You write them on separate papers or place all the things to do in a comprehensive list. Marking priority items is a technique you can do to ensure you complete them first.

Of course, it’s necessary to have a shopping list. You should include everything you so you don’t miss anything important. Don’t forget to include exact measurements. Also, put the extras you might need. You must stock up on salt, pepper, and other spices, so you don’t run out in the middle of cooking.

Schedule your shopping trip before December 22nd

Shopping takes time and drains your energy. It’s best to reserve your strength for entertaining guests. Avoid the holiday crowd by doing your errands early. You should do grocery shopping before December 22 as most people dash to stores and the supermarket on this day. Before heading out, you should plan how you go about your shopping list. Find out where can you find the items you need. That way, you can group the stuff accordingly and limit the time you spend in the shops.

If you must buy several items, you should bring a car. Carpooling with relatives, friends or neighbors is another option. You won’t have to cramp yourself in buses or wait for a long time in the taxi bay. With a private vehicle, you can drive to places and get home early. It gives you additional time to sort out your purchases and prep them before you need them.

Prep the turkey on Christmas Eve

Unlike pork and chicken, turkey is lean meat. It dries quickly, so the best time to work on it is twelve hours before it has to get into the oven. Doing this allows the meat to absorb extra moisture and make it moist and juicy. In the meantime, you can work on other recipes while waiting for the turkey.

Ensure you have the right cooking tools and equipment

How you cook and prepare your dishes is up to you. But if you prefer to save time, you must have kitchen appliances that can do most of the things you must accomplish within a short time. Grinding, chopping and other cooking preparations you must do becomes a breeze when you have the right equipment for the job.

Before working on your recipes, you should review the cooking processes needed for each one. It lets you know the tools you need and the time you must spend on each task. Knowing these helps you decide if you can do it with your hands or you need to purchase small kitchen appliances.

You should also see if you have enough oven trays, pots, pans, and serving dishes. You must also sharpen your knives as they can lessen cooking time. Another thing to stock up on is a roll of tin foil. It’s highly useful as it keeps the food warm. The foil is also necessary for leftovers. Be sure you have plenty, so loved ones can take home leftover dishes from the feast.

Prepare the vegetables

Even if you can manage to do everything before Christmas dinner, you must keep in mind that you might not have time to clean the mess in the kitchen afterward. You should peel potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables included in your recipes. Leave them in pans of cold water overnight, so they stay fresh. Preparing the day before allows you to pay attention to other things. It also gives you more space in the kitchen and the fridge as it gets rid of the mess. Other than peeling tubers and fruits, you can pre-cook them after, so you won’t have to think about them anymore.

Review your list

You might forget about your list along the way, so you should take a moment to go over it. The list helps you stay on top of things. It reminds you of everything you must finish before Christmas. It also allows you to distribute your time accordingly. Tick off the tasks you completed earlier to identify the things left to do. Arrange the remaining items based on how much time you need to go over them. It ensures you don’t leave anything on your to-do list.

Christmas is about being in the company of people you love. Have a stress-free holiday by ensuring you have a clean and organized kitchen. Follow this guide to maintain a clear and organized kitchen. You are sure to feel the Christmas spirit when you don’t have to think of the state of your kitchen.

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