How to Catch the Latest Movies at the Cinema and Save Money

 Photo by Felix Mooneeram

Usually, the –ber months is a busy season for all industries. Shops are pulling out their old designs to make way for new ones. Markets are adjusting to out-of-season produce to make way for fresh ones. Businesses are preparing their financial statements. Both old and young are preparing for Secret Santa and Christmas parties at school and the office.

The season is also a busy time for movie theaters and picture houses. Most blockbusters, animated films and sequels play during –ber months. Thus, people of all ages flock in groups and watch the screening of their favorite flick. A single preview is indispensable. But if there are several shows lined up, you must prepare your wallet to ensure you have a budget for the movie trips you wish to have.

Fortunately, you can still save money even if you have frequent trips to the movies. Here’s how to do it.

Skip the crowd

Your excitement towards the film might push you to head to the theater during the day of the initial showing. Before you head out, you should stop and think for a minute. Consider the crowd. Factor in the cost of the tickets and the snacks you plan on buying. Often, the price of movie tickets is at their peak on the first day of screening. It’s also true for shows that play on weekends. If you don’t want to skip your favorite movie yet wish to save a few bucks, you should catch the film during the least busy times.

For instance, you can schedule you movie trips during weekdays. Most people are busy on days between Monday to Thursday. Because there is hardly any crowd to fill the seats, some movie theaters offer discounts. Take advantage of the price slashes by buying tickets early. You can use an online booking service like Sureseats to check available schedules and reserve your seats before the tickets run out.

Subscribe to the loyalty program

If you are a regular moviegoer, you can take advantage of your past time by signing up to the movies’ loyalty program. Nowadays, large movie chains offer incentives for frequent visitors. Signing up for the program is a bit costly, but perks you get throughout the year makes it worth it. Each movie theater has a specific offer, so you should check which loyalty program best complements your needs.

Some programs offer different discount schemes. Depending on the ongoing promo, you might get a second ticket for free. Others offer their tickets for almost half the price. Meanwhile, some theaters have freebies for groups or those who buy movie tickets in bulk. Others provide complimentary tickets for children. You can even get snacks and drinks. What you get depends on the movie theater and its conditions. Hence, you must pick wisely and ensure you are selecting a highly accessible cinema. Or else, you waste your money over something you don’t frequently.

Visit the cinema as a family

It might not be open to the general public, but families can save from movie tickets if they go together. Some chains offer packages for families. You don’t have to pay the standard rate for children. Other times, it’s one full-paying adult off. Isn’t that convenient?

Before you single out your parents, siblings or children, you should keep in mind of the savings you get when you go out as a group. You won’t have to pay additional to take your family to the movies. However, it’s vital to have everyone on the same boat. You and your companions must agree on which film to see. If not, you might end up with a divided party and pay double on movie tickets.

Watch the film in 2D

Some movies are better in 3D. The effects are great, and it makes you feel as if you are in another world. Unfortunately, your wallet pays the price. Watching a 3D film costs twice the rate of 2D tickets. There’s a stark difference with how you view the film, but the experience is almost the same. If you don’t intend to experience the headache-inducing movements from 3D movie showings, then you should stick with 2D.

With 2D, you won’t have to wear glasses that can hamper your experience. You also save yourself from using unsanitary glasses. You get to watch the movie in peace without adjusting the glasses or feeling distracted by it. Save your pocket and your sanity by sticking with 2D movie screenings.

Avoid large movie houses and chains

Since the birth of shopping malls and lifestyle hubs, major cinema chains are also everywhere. They are practical to visit because of their location. In contrast to independent movie theaters, these places are cold and expensive. They are also comfortable and almost better than the ones in town, but the ticket prices and cost of snacks are almost double than the one in a small town. Before securing your seats, you should compare prices. It might be better if you start going to your local movie house than going to the mall to catch the latest movie releases.

Going to an independent theater is not only an excellent alternative for your finances. It also shows your support towards indie stuff and local establishments. Save more and help your community’s economy thrive by giving small-time businesses a chance to grow.

Sign up to the newsletter

One way to get discounts without having to pay for it is by signing up to newsletters. Most major cinema chains have a website and weekly or monthly newsletter that sends updates on movie schedules, latest releases and other news related to its customers. The great thing about it is that it’s free. You don’t need to pay for anything to be part of an exclusive mailing list.

Most newsletters don’t only share news about movies and cinema schedules. They also include discount codes, promo periods, and other freebies for customers. Take advantage of your subscription by checking your emails regularly.

Of course, the one thing you should do before going to the movies is to eat a meal. The food at the snack bar is expensive. If you want to munch on something while watching a film, you should buy from the grocery or stores out of the movie theater’s concession.

It’s possible to save money when watching a movie. Follow these tips to help you save money when going to the movies.

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