Smart Home Buying: Four Signs a Home Seller Might be Hiding Something

paper house with Magnifying Glass, House hunting

“You may not get your preferred home site, but you are buying an active lifestyle. Take a good, hard look at what is out there.” –Mark O’Brien


Owning a home remains to be one of the persistent dreams of almost every individual out there.

After all, a home is seen as a keystone of financial stability and wealth. In this regard, it might be seen as one of the most significant investments an individual can ever make. Seeing as buying real estate properties today would cost one a premium, it would make sense if one took this approach with a keen sense and careful strategy. Buying a home is a privilege not afforded to everyone after all, so it is your responsibility as a homebuyer to know what you are getting into before buying the dotted line.

So, when you are checking out properties or walking through open houses such as a showing of a condominium for sale in Quezon City, you should be a little meticulous and just a bit particular of what you should watch out for. More often than not, there are hints and signs of a home that should prevent you from buying it and these are indicated as red flags. However, there are also some signs that are not as overt as the others but would be excellent indicators that something is amiss. These are the signs you should be extra vigilant about as they usually denote that a home seller is concealing something—and more often than not, what they are hiding is not exactly a good thing. So, if you are on the market for a new home or are checking out a property showing with your agent, here are some of the signs you should be extra cautious about as sometimes, what you do not see is important as the ones that you do:


There is mood music playing

It is quite understandable for home sellers to stage their home and have mood music playing in the background to improve the overall ambiance. Of course, this might just be an excellent selling strategy on their part. After all, music can be used to seduce you into envisioning yourself in the home and in the scene. However, do not be lulled into the idea of buying the home just yet and ask the agent to turn the music off. More often than not, music is used to mask any background noise a home seller might not want you to hear—may that be traffic noise coming from the busy street or construction rackets nearby. Chances are if a home seller makes the effort of concealing the noise, it is highly likely that it is a perpetual problem which just does not go away.

There is a loveseat, but no couch

Unless you possess a keen eye for furniture design and aesthetics, you probably would not notice the difference between a couch and a love seat. For all you care, they could be one and the same. However, home sellers would use clever staging techniques to make small space appear larger—one of which is to swap out the space-hogging sofa for three with a love seat that would only accommodate two people. In terms of design and style, the two are not too far off from each other. The marked difference would only be noticed when you tried to move the furniture around. In this regard, it is best to know the room measurements first and know the size of your furniture as well. To have accurate readings, come equipped with a tape measure. In this time and age, home staging has been increasingly utilized in order to sell homes faster and at times, would form part of the marketing package. With this in mind, be extra vigilant when checking out a home, do not be blindsided by the features of a home and see if the space of its interiors would be enough to accommodate all of your furniture.

Fragrances fill the room

Generally speaking, roof fresheners and diffusers might be used to amplify the overall effect of a space. However, you should also be aware that room freshener is a mask of another kind. In this regard, you need to watch out and keep a close eye on what the home sellers are trying to conceal. Some of these may include cigarette smells, septic issues or even pet odors. If you are lucky, offensive smells might simply go away. Unfortunately, there are times wherein you would not be so fortunate and would potentially cost you a lot to get rid of. So, instead of literally stopping to smell the roses, figure out what the home seller is trying to hide.

Fresh paint

Of course, there is nothing wrong with walls freshly coated with paint. After all, many home sellers see this as an aesthetic that might improve their chances of selling their home. However, as a buyer, you should see beyond the aesthetic attempt and ask what prompted the touchup. Is it meant to cover up mildew or water damage? Or is it simply done to cover up peeling walls? Remember, a paint job might look nice, but it is a Band-Aid solution to an underlying problem. In this regard, it would not be able to repair any water damage and would not prevent the problem from getting progressively worse.

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