Home Aesthetic: Five Household Items Adults Should Never Have in Their Homes


“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends.” –Author Unknown


It has been said that one of the definitive signs you have attained adulthood is when you are financially responsible enough to make wise investment decisions.

One such evident act would be the purchase of your own home—a place to call your own and where you can thrive and establish yourself as an individual away from the familiar nurturing arms of your family. After all, there comes a point in your life wherein you would feel the pressing need to break away and learn how to survive and make it day to day without relying so much on your family. This is that pivotal time wherein individuals would realize that they need to get their acts together. Millennials would refer to this epiphany as “adulting” and more often than not, they tend to make more decisions once this realization sinks in.

Common milestones would include: having a steady employment, knowing how to cook and clean up after yourself and paying your bills on time. Having a home of your own is another milestone on its own. However, it is not enough to just have a space to call your own—regardless of whether that place is in Park Central Towers or elsewhere. If your pad pretty much resembles like your college frat house, then you still have a lot of growing up to do. In any case, if any of the household items listed below are still in your home, you might just have not reached the pinnacle of this adulting thing yet.



Undoubtedly, this would make it to the top of this list—for a very good reason. Since you have made a conscious decision to become more like an adult, then your first order of business is to upgrade your futons to a regular mattress that you can use as well as your guests. However, if the prospect of mattress shopping is not something you are exactly looking forward to, then try shopping for bed mattresses online. Not only would some companies offer to deliver the mattress right at your doorstep, but some of them also do it free of charge as well. More importantly, they have generous tryout and return options, so there is absolutely no reason for you to get another mattress.

Sleeping bags

Beds in bags used to be good alternatives for when we do not have enough money to buy a good futon back when we were in college. Similarly, they were great for sleepovers as well. However, while sleeping bags make for good deals, they are not necessarily made for everyday use. Moreover, some of these are made from substandard materials that leave you sweltering hot. If you wish to elevate your bedding game, choose a high-quality sheet set and maybe a few duvet covers and coverlets. An upgraded sleeping set would make you look forward to laying your tired head at the end of the day.

Cheap bed frames

Regardless of how expensive or luxurious your bed lines are, if you have a bad bed frame then it is very unlikely that you are going to sleep any better. Furthermore, the cheap quality of your bed frame can easily detract the overall look of your bed. In this regard, it is best to invest in good and high-quality bed frames with luxe-looking headboards. However, if this is a little beyond your budget at the moment, get creative and cover your old metal frames with bed skirts to create a better and sophisticated look for your bed frame.

Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture can run the gamut from shelves to tables and even to bed frames. While they are seemingly cheap, they do not do anything to improve your home’s aesthetic, so it is best to get rid of them while you still can. Retire the plastic furniture and replace it with quality ones that you are sure to last. In lieu of settling for plastic materials, go for wood and quality composite materials. Similarly, you might even want to opt for metals that add to your interior’s overall appeal.

Disposable plates

Utilizing disposable plates for every meal does not only highlight your laziness, but it also shows your clear disregard for sustainable living as well seeing as you are constantly producing trash (at an alarmingly faster rate) each day. Plastic or paper plates are only ever acceptable at a birthday party or a barbecue—anytime other than those two would just be an overt hint of your immaturity. Remember, if you are old enough to be cooking for yourself then you should also be old enough to clean up after yourself and using real dishes. In the same vein, bet rid of the plastic cups you have snagged and buy glassware that would befit you as well.

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