Why You Should Live in an Apartment if You’re Busy as Hell

Young woman lying on a bed in apartment

Living in an apartment is the most viable option for yappies and millennials. The robust economy allows people to have respectable jobs. However, it takes them off the responsibility of maintaining a household. In effect, apartment investors are rapidly increasing. With a lot of things on their plate, people are opting to bunk in an apartment over investing in a house and lot.

Living in an apartment might not be the most ideal setup for everyone. But, there’s an exemption to the rule. If you are busy as hell, it can be an advantage. You don’t have to manage anything but yourself. Of course, there are other perks besides living close to hospitals in QC. Read on to find why you should live in a condo or house for rent when you don’t have time for anything else (yourself included).

Less cleaning time

If you’re not a fan of cleaning, you won’t have to worry about the dishes piling on the sink, hair on the drain or dust bunnies under the bed. You can take turns in cleaning or divide the duties among the household. Someone can take over vacuuming, the other can cover mopping and dusting while the rest can do what’s left. That way, you won’t have to devote a full-day ensuring the whole house stays fresh and spotless.

On top of that, you won’t have to hate doing chores. When you chunk the activities, you’ll only devote a fraction of your time to cleaning. You can spend the remainder of your time on other endeavors

Provides the right amount of human interaction

When you’re daily routine is wake up > eat > shower > dress > work > get home > eat > sleep, you might not have room to do other things such as watching TV or catching the latest gossip about the Kardashians. Thus, you don’t have time to date your girlfriends or even check if they’re still alive. You head straight inside your flat without talking with anyone.

Your routine might deprive you of interaction you need. However, living in a building you share with others gives you a chance to know other people. It allows you to make new friends. Most of all, you get more than the occasional hi or hello you get from your roommates. Some people actually care how you are doing.

No repairs and gardening

A rental relieves you of your duties of ensuring your home is in its stellar state. You have a landlord who is in charge of checking the state of the apartment. Sometimes, it’s the owner. He or she takes care of repairs and check the progress of construction now and then. All you must do is report leaks, cracks and other damages you spot in your living space.

On top of that, you won’t have to think of maintaining the greens in your area. Keeping plants alive and healthy takes a lot of work. It’s no wonder you don’t keep one in your apartment. If the property comes with a greenery, you should make it clear that you don’t have the luxury to attend to it. That way, the owner and the landlord can take over gardening duties.


If you live in a big apartment, chances are you have access to communal areas. Most apartments these days are part of a complex. You’ll find a swimming pool, fitness areas, and rooftop hangouts. Some even have a clubhouse and beautifully designed gardens. You need all of these to have a break from all the stress and pressure you get from work, volunteer initiatives, and other initiatives you have in your life. Moreover, it allows you to practice your skills in tennis or basketball. Don’t forget about how easy it is to find a parking space or grab breakfast to go with the convenient stores and shops on the ground floor.


One of the many reasons why most people prefer living in an apartment is because of the location. Perhaps, the apartment is just near or a walking distance to their work. It can also feature a prime location that grabbed your attention the area has a low crime rate and minimal cost of living. The apartment’s location is a big factor that can help you decide the type of apartment you want.


Most apartments have security guards rotating on different shifts to make sure that everything is in order. Having guards 24/7 tightens the security measures of your apartment. When they are strict when it comes to the visitors, you won’t have to worry about strangers walking in the halls or develop a fear that someone might barge in your home when you aren’t around. Some places also have CCTV installed in the designated areas to ensure safety for everyone. With these security features, you won’t have to adopt a dog to make sure someone guards you while you sleep.

Short-term commitment

If you are just looking for a place where you want to stay for a brief period, then apartment living is best for you. You can negotiate lease terms and monthly fees. If you plan to leave even if you didn’t finish your tenure, you can talk about it with your landlord. But, you must ensure you don’t have a bad record with the owner or landlord. It makes it easier to pull some strings when you are on good terms with him or her.


When it comes to living solo, there are actually a lot of things you need to think about especially when it comes to your everyday expenses. How much more when you also have monthly dues that you need to consider? How much are you spending on food? How about the utility bills? When you live in an apartment, you won’t have to think too much of your living expenses. For one, you won’t have to think of mortgage. You have fixed rental fees, so your budget won’t change too much each month. You won’t have to compute income and costs each month as there are only a few changes in the numbers. That is, of course, if you don’t add major expenses in your books.

These are a few of the factors that can convince you to pick an apartment if you have limited time on your hands. Use these benefits to your advantage to pick the right living arrangements and rental property for your lifestyle.