Living in Exclusivity: Five Compelling Reasons Why Living in a Gated Community is The Right Choice


“As you discover what strength you can draw from your community in this world from which it stands apart, look outward as well as inward. Build bridges instead of walls.”-Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor


Gated communities have always been associated with an air of loftiness and exclusivity about them.

After all, such communities and neighborhoods tend to be favored by the affluent few and a slew of celebrities here and there. However, sophistication and luxury aside, there is quite a myriad of benefits from living in a gated neighborhood. Apart from the prestige of owning a home in such a community, gated neighborhoods would guarantee top-notch amenities, features, and quality services to their residents. Furthermore, a resident’s safety and security in this community are held in high regard insomuch that it is a paramount concern and frequently highlighted feature. However, while exclusive communities tend to market themselves as an elite and exclusive way of living, it holds a certain appeal to individuals and families alike.

Most gated communities are built on lush and green environments where residents can enjoy the excellent fusion of urban and eco-living. Moreover, such communities are situated in premier locations near business and commercial establishments as well as educational institutions in proximity. In this regard, residents would not have to contend with traffic onslaughts to meet their shopping needs or send their kids to school. One such community is situated at the center of Alviera and designated as Avida Settings Alviera. Considered as the hallmark of accessibility, this community prides itself upon its unique blend of urban and green living with units that offer stunning views from its rooms. In any case, if you have given exclusive living any serious thought, here are some of the compelling reasons why it might be the best move for you:

Safer Living

One of the most compelling reasons why you should consider living in a gated community is the safer living it affords you. As a parent, you can never put a price tag on your family’s safety and security and although living in gated communities might cost you a little more, know that you can rest easy at night knowing that you and your family are adequately protected 24/7. One feature that appeals to residents is the restricted access entry which means that no one apart from residents and their guests can gain entry. In this regard, the likelihood of crime occurrence is pretty much mitigated and it deters vandals and thieves from entering the community as well effectively giving your children a good place to play outdoors.

Luxurious Recreational Facilities

Gated neighborhoods would not only capitalize on the exclusivity it grants to their residents, but they also pride themselves upon their array of luxurious recreational facilities and amenities which are at the disposal of their residents. Such features and facilities were designed for an enhanced lifestyle as well as offer residents convenient access to everything they need in just a single place. Common features would run the gamut from playgrounds, gyms and fitness centers, swimming pools, clubhouses to even spas.

Your neighbors are your friends

Unless you prefer to be holed up in your home all the time, there is a very likely chance that you would develop a bond with your neighbors. One of the great things about living in gated communities is the fact that such tight-knit living tends to cultivate connections between neighbors and consequently foster a stronger sense of community among residents. Being active or even just participating in community events such as barbecues and pool parties would allow you to meet other adults who have kids of their own. In this regard, your children can play with the neighborhood kids without having you worry seeing as the neighborhood is highly secure. Moreover, as most individuals already know each other, they can easily spot an outsider and someone who does not look like they belong in the community.

Peace and quiet

Seeing as access is not arbitrarily given to just about anyone, the neighborhood would have fewer visitors and an increased sense of security. In this regard, the atmosphere and ambiance of the community are a little quieter and more peaceful than most neighborhoods. As a result, residents can truly come home to relax without being distracted by city noise or fear of any trespassers randomly getting inside the community.

An excellent investment for the future

Apart from the prestige of being a part of a luxurious community, most residents endeavor to create an ambiance of luxury and a sense of elegance in their neighborhood and their homes would reflect these sentiments. Homes follow an exclusive aesthetic and they are always beautiful in terms of design, architecture, functionality, and quality as well. In this regard, residents take pride in their neighborhood and are likely to maintain their homes in good condition which would increase the value of the homes in the area.

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