Happy Homes: Five Secrets of What Makes a Happy Home

Ecology house in hands

“For me home is simply about shelter, in all manners of speaking. It is a place of rest and refuge, a place where I can play, relax, unwind or create a home is the place that replenishes my soul.”-Pia Jane Bijkerk


Sanctuary, refuge, haven—these are all words to connote one meaning: Home.

To some, it might simply mean a place of shelter, a place to return to at the end of the day but to others, a home means so much more than that. Some of us regard our homes as that one place where safety is paramount and where we would resultantly feel the most secure. There are also some of us who think of home as the pinnacle of comfort insomuch that we consider it as our warm haven. Unfortunately, while this might be true, many of us can probably relate to the feeling of being dissatisfied in our homes and regarding the homes of others are more beautiful than ours. It does not matter whether they live in the suburbs or in a condo in QC, there is just something about their homes that make us feel like ours is subpar or inferior. Is it that homey feel? Or do their homes just feel a lot more comfortable than ours? Well, while it has been asserted that happiness cannot be bought, research has found that there is a myriad of ways to boost your satisfaction levels based on where you buy, how you renovate and other factors that you might have overlooked before.

If you truly wish to know the secrets of a happy home, take a gander at the list below that details some of the considerations, elements, and aspects that would make your home life all the more satisfying and rewarding.


It does not matter whether you buy or rent

Many people are under the impression that homeowners are happier than renters, but it has been found that this assumption is not true in all cases. In fact, a study has shown that both homeowners and renters have equal levels of emotional being. Sure, a homeowner might not routinely have to worry about paying rent but whatever joy that might give them is canceled out by the stress brought on by home maintenance. On the other hand, renters have more time to devote on leisurely pursuits.

Long commutes are the worst

Long commutes eat the time that could have otherwise been spent on other activities. As a result, homeowners living in far-flung neighborhoods tend to be less contented than those that have homes in proximity to their offices. However, this begs the question: How long is too long? Well, Philippine cities are no stranger to traffic, but if it generally takes you an hour or more to get anywhere from where you are, then a decrease in your morale is to be expected.

Choose green and yellow as wall paint colors

While yellow and green might be unconventional paint colors to choose when it comes to painting your walls, you might reconsider seeing as these two colors have been found to be the hues that evoked the most feelings of happiness. For comfort and serenity, go with green in painting the walls of your bedroom and if you wish to inject a bit of creativity and playfulness, go with yellow for the sunroom or the kitchen.

Do not put off renovations

You might have been longing to give your place a touch-up but have been delaying it in favor of other pecuniary pursuits. If you have been wishing to overhaul any area in your home, stop the delay and do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more anxious you become and it can consequently mess with your peace of mind. Failing to renovate at an opportune time tends to give homeowners the feeling that their home is unfinished and undone. As a result, they were less happy with their homes and would regard it as seemingly unfit for residency. Stop procrastinating and get on those home improvement projects today!

Pay off as much as you can

It has been no question that it would take years for some to pay off a home. However, if you are not wise about your payment scheme, defraying the cost of a home can easily become a financial burden. With this in mind, living mortgage-free would be most ideal. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. But to ensure that you do not have to spend years upon years paying off your homes, go for a home loan which is essentially the next best thing. After all, people are in so much better mood when they have fewer debts to worry about.

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