Home Security: Five Signs Your Home is Being Watched, Marked and Cased by Burglars


“Home is a sanctuary for me and the place where I can relax. Everyone should have the right to a safe and secure home.”-Corinne Bailey Rae


For many, the home is regarded as the safest sanctuary to an individual insomuch that it is meant to protect its inhabitants from all sorts of outside elements.

In this regard, many homeowners would deem the safety and security of a home as a priority that in their search for a home, it would be a paramount aspect to consider. With this in mind, it is only right for us to be extra vigilant about the safety precautions we undertake to maintain our home’s security. One such way to do this is to be aware whether or not our homes are being potentially cased, marked or targeted by thieves and robbers. Home casing refers to the act that best describes the way that burglars and robbers would search for patterns and house routines in order to determine the best time to enter your home—either when you are away or distracted. However, how do you ensure that your home is secure? Whether you are living in condo in QC or a residential flat elsewhere, here are some of the overt signs your home is being targeted.


You see a new car on your street

Not every new car you see would belong to a potential threat. It could just be that your neighbors got a new car or it might just be someone visiting them. However, if it is an unfamiliar car that does not belong to any of your neighbors or any of their visitors, you might want to alert the proper authorities. This is especially if the suspicious vehicle is there for an extended period of time. Signs such as dark tinted windows and a running engine while stationary are all red flags. Its inhabitants might be trying to case houses and determine the routine of its residents.

Strangers walking in the street

Unless you are a hermit who has little to no interaction with your neighbors, you probably have a good idea of what your neighbors look like. If you see anyone unfamiliar, you might want to be extra cautious about the security of their home. This is not to say that you should be paranoid about people you do not recognize walking on your street. However, if you see an individual who is giving off the pretense of jogging or walking without greeting anyone by, you have a very good reason to be suspicious. This is especially true if the individual spends an inordinate amount looking at homes and surveying the neighborhood. Call the police authorities as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Uncertified Workmen

Always be wary of who you let into your home. Thieves and robbers have now come up with a scheme wherein they dress as personnel from a trusted company of yours in order to gain access to your home. If you are uncertain about the workmen or just generally have a doubtful feeling as to the authenticity of their claim for repair work, dial up the company that routinely does the work for you and ask if they have scheduled a repair or a routine checkup. Insist on this precaution and do not immediately grant access to these workmen—even if they are dressed in the official uniforms. Genuine employees of the company they claim to be working for would not be afraid of this added precaution. If they are, then they are most likely operating under the guise of being company personnel. Call law enforcement right away.

Strangers knocking on your door

Sometimes, thieves are not so creative and would straight up knock on your door and say that there is an emergency. They would either ask for a glass of water or would need your assistance for something or other. Do not let your kindness overpower your common sense, it is always best to be a little suspicious nowadays. Do not grant them entry—in fact, it would be so much better if you had a video doorbell installed so as to deter them.

Trust your gut

More often than not, your intuition has a way of letting you know that something is not right. If you have a bad feeling about a particular stranger in your neighborhood or just feel that there is something strange about one, you might be right about your suspicions. Look out for individuals who are fidgety, make little to no eye contact and does not engage or interact with anyone. If someone looks like they should not be there, they probably should not. Do not let your fear of being wrong prevent you from adequately protecting your home. Remember, being wrong about your suspicions is so much better than being robbed. Better safe than sorry.


Remember, prevention is cure. The more you know about what burglars look for in a home, the better you can prime your properties and your family from any of the reprehensible acts of unscrupulous individuals who are looking to harm you and your family.

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