Beautiful Homes: Five Ways to Show Love to Your Homes


“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof” –Nate Berkus


Home is where the heart is.

Whether our homes may take form in a condominium in BGC or a residential flat, we ought to show our properties a little more love. Not only would this ensure our homes maintenance and longevity, it makes us a whole lot happier to stay there as well. After all, would it not be the ultimate dream to come home to a place that you not only feel comfortable in but warm and happy as well? In this regard, we ought to afford our homes the affection and care it truly deserves. Not only does this create happy spaces, but it would actually make us look forward to coming home at the end of the day.

So, if you have been looking for a way to show your dwellings and quarters some love, take a look at the various things you can do below to do just that:


Bring something pretty to decorate your home with

Much like how you give gifts to people you love, you should also buy a pretty present for your home. It can take on any form such as a home décor you might have liked in the depot center or a simple bouquet of red roses. You can then use these to brighten the rooms of your home and make it an even cozier place to come home to. Elevate your decorating game by adding a few stylish throw pillows in as a stylish accent. If you have the money for it, consider going big by replacing some of your furniture or splurging it on a dramatic piece that is sure to enhance your overall interior space.

Brighten it up

Make your homes look cheery and warm by updating the paint colors you have. Changing the paint is one of the tried and tested ways to instantly beautify your home and give it a different look. You can start small by choosing small spaces such as the bathroom or storage areas. However, if you wish to go bold, change up the entire room such as the kitchen by switching up the color palette and updating the cabinets and cupboards as well.

Give it a makeover

You do not have to spend so much just to show love to your homes. In fact, some of the things you need to do to show your homes extra love and affection would not require you to spend on a single thing. You do need to dedicate some time and effort to it, however. Allocate a weekend wherein you would rearrange your furniture and décor pieces. Arrange it in such a way that the space would feel new and updated. While we are on that, you can spruce up as well and start organizing your personal belongings as well. Start by decluttering and sorting out the items you do not need and keeping them out of sight. After which, rearrange your furniture and other stuff and mix it up. If budget permits, incorporate new aspects such as a stylish vase or an art piece. With all these, you would feel as if you just bought yourself a brand-new home.

Protect it

If you cannot afford to insure your home, then you cannot afford a home in the first place. While it might be costly, it pays to insure your home. After all, you will never know when disaster will strike, so it is best to be always prepared for such circumstances—regardless of whether they would happen or not. Not only would this enable you to sleep better at night, but it also helps you protect your investment and what you love.  With this in mind, routinely do a review of your insurance policy to ensure that you have enough coverage to replace not only your home but your belongings as well in the event of a disaster. In the same vein, it pays to know the warranty of the appliances you purchase for your home. In this way, you can be assured that you would not be sinking so much money for repairs and replacements.

Take care of it

Last, but not least of all is to take good care of it. If you love your home, you should always take the extra mile in maintaining it. This goes beyond just cleaning it routinely but going for a deep cleanse as well. If you cannot find time to do it, opt to hire professional services just to do this. Similarly, schedule inspections routinely—especially for your appliance to ensure optimal functioning.

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