Beautiful Homes: Four House Features You Should Never Overlook As a Homeowner


“Home, the spot of the earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.”-Robert Montgomery

Moving into your first new home is not only a financial milestone but a dream realized for most.

However, there is a myriad of things one should consider when it comes to choosing your dream home—particularly if this is your starter and first home. Ideally, your endeavor in looking for a good starter home should always commence with thorough research. In this regard, the features of your dream home should align with the budget you have. Sure, by now, your head is probably filled with design ideas inspired by Pinterest, but before you start clouding your head with home decor possibilities, you need to take into account several essential home features and aspects that you should in no case overlook. These are the features that are paramount to an optimal lifestyle and would ensure that you can live in your home for the long run.

Regardless of how much your home would resemble your dream home or whether that may be a condo in QC or a residential place elsewhere, it should never miss these five pivotal characteristics:

1.) Location

Choosing where you live should be a paramount consideration when you are looking for a new home. You need to select a place that is not only in proximity to your office, but your children’s schools as well as most entertainment areas. Convenience and accessibility aside, living in proximity to most points of interest would also ensure you could cut down on your monthly expenses for gas. Furthermore, having a home in a good location can significantly increase your chances of leveraging the asking price should you wish to sell it in the near future. However, a good location is not only taken to mean an area situated in the epicenter of important places. Its meaning extends to seeing yourself adapting and acclimating within the neighborhood and cultivating a good relationship with your neighbors. Before deciding on a location, look around and see who your potential neighbors would be and see if you can potentially foster a pleasant and friendly relationship with them.

2.) Adequate space

When it comes to your homes, size does matter. You need sufficient space (and possibly more for expansion) to ensure you have enough room to move around. Remember, having enough room with some to spare to accommodate future expansions is a lot different from buying an incredibly oversized home. However, you do need a home with enough space wherein you can live comfortably. Keep in mind not to go overboard and overbuild your home directly under the influence of unlikely “what-ifs” in mind. Just figure out the right size for your family which would be suitable to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

3.) Livable floor plan

While having enough space in your home is a paramount consideration, you would also need to ensure that the design of the space is executed well. In this regard, you need to go through several floor plans until you can come up with one (or a couple more) that would meet your needs and suit your lifestyle. Is a single-level home the best floor plan for you and your extended family? Or is a multi-level plan more sensible to provide everyone their private space? These are the questions you need to ask yourself in creating an ideal floor plan for your homes.

4.) Sufficient Storage

When it comes to choosing a dream home, you should never skimp on storage options lest you end up with a cluttered home that looks perpetually disorganized. Unfortunately, most homebuyers would overlook adequate storage space in favor of other home features. After all, storage space is the least glamorous among the features. However, it serves a useful purpose. You might think that you have more than enough space for each and every single item you own—especially if you are moving from a smaller home or apartment. However, as the years would go by, you are going to wish that you just went with sufficient storage space from the get-go. Sure, it might not be the most stylish home feature you can think of, but it does provide for an excellent aesthetic appeal—especially when all that extra clutter can be stowed away neatly and appropriately.

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