Real Estate 101: Five Unconventional Tips to Make Your Homes Sell Faster

“Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they are interested in buying it. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds.” -Barbara Corcoran

John Paulson has been credited with the adage that a home is the best investment any individual can make in their lifetime.

And even up to today, his sentiments could not ring any truer. Unfortunately, competition in the real estate market can be rather stiff and rigid and as a result, selling your properties can take months—if not, even years. Unfortunately, stress is an inevitable aspect when it comes to selling real estate regardless of whether you have a lush property such as Ametta Place for sale or elsewhere. So, you better brace yourself for it. With the right attitude, determination and a degree of persistence and patience, you are sure to sell your property in no time.

However, what if you wanted to sell your homes or properties in the shortest time possible? What if you do not want to wait until you get an offer? If you are under time constraint or just simply wish to dispense with your property in no time possible, here are some of the reliable techniques you can consider on doing:

1.) Choose low-maintenance materials

You might think that you are doing your perspective and future home buyers by guaranteeing them only the best in materials when it comes to your last-minute upgrades. However, while the gesture is certainly admirable, a majority of your potential home buyers would not want to shell out a lot of cash for improvements that seemed like they were installed as an afterthought. Moreover, it might be seen as a ploy on your part to bolster the price tag and might turn them off. In any case, choose low-maintenance materials and items that do not require a lot of cleaning and looking after. After all, it might be that your prospective home buyers are not afraid of the projected overall cost, but more on the potential upkeep they need to do.

2.) Remove personal items

Your prospective home buyers would want to envision what it would be like if they were living in your homes—so much so, that any personal effects and artifacts tend to detract that vision. In this regard, personal items such as family portraits strategically placed on the walls of your living room, your child’s drawings on the refrigerator door and any other similar items that might have the same effect on your home buyers. Help your future home buyers envision the home as their own by turning your spaces into a clean slate.

3.) Address existing pet issues

We know you love your four-legged friends. Unfortunately, your potential home buyers might not be as receptive to buying your property if the interiors have very obvious signs of a pet living with you. Should there be any stains in the living room carpet, any smells left or basically any damage your pet might have done, it is best to address it before opening your current property for showing. You might adore your little fur friends, but they can be serious deterrents to some prospective home buyers which would. in result, cause you to lose on a potential deal.

4.) Spruce up

How you present your home is a pivotal aspect that would contribute to you successfully selling your home. In this regard, presenting your home in the best possible light is paramount which means you need to be meticulous about how you clean it. Things such as dirty bathrooms, dusty tables, rooms in disarray and disorganized counter tops would make your home look less appealing overall. Furthermore, it adds to that very lived-in feel that you would not want to be associated with your home if you wish to sell it faster. Be sure to keep your homes clean and maintain a degree of immaculateness as you will never know when a realtor or agent might want to request a showing of your home.

5.) Fix minor issues

Home issues, no matter how minor, should never be overlooked. More often than not, a chipped tile is all it takes to make an interested home buyer renege their offer. After all, if small but obvious oversights such as chipped tiles are not addressed, who knows whether or not you might have any concealed issues? Home issues such as broken door handle, leaking faucets and window screens with holes should be immediately fixed before you even consider putting your home on the market. If you wish your home to sell faster or even sell at all, you want to make sure it looks perfect and attractive to buyers.


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