Aesthetic Homes: Four Things to Know Before Attempting a Home Renovation


“Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then come back for refreshment”-Melissa Michaels

Television shows have made home renovations look so simple, straightforward and glamorous. Sans the customary drama that results from the inevitable parting of some of the home’s more sentimental areas, TV shows have made their viewers believe that home renovations are as easy as tearing them down and building them up again. In a sense, they have effectively reduced a long and complicated process into two simple steps that would make anyone seemingly believe they can do it. Unfortunately, while this is not necessarily harmful, it gives their viewers unrealistic expectations from their renovation projects. And much worse, it makes their viewers believe that bringing it about is as easy as pie. But this could not be any further from the truth.

In lieu of the extended process of trying to tear down a home to make it beautiful again, TV producers have effectively narrowed down a protracted endeavor in improving your home’s functionality and aesthetics. You do not see the nitty-gritty that goes on behind the scenes and what you see portrayed on screen is incredibly different from what you can expect in reality. However, do not let this article dissuade you from enhancing your homes in Westborough or the like, but at the very least let it serve as an eye-opener. Let it show you what you can expect should you attempt a home renovation project anytime soon. Sure, you can expect results to be just as beautiful as the ones depicted on television, but remember the process of getting there is quite long and you have to be patient. Furthermore, expect there to be a few snags and frustrations along the way.
However, before you start tearing down your walls, here are some of the things you should keep in mind or ask yourself:

1.) Why are you doing it?

Perhaps your initial question should be to ask why you are attempting this project. Why do you need it? What are you after? Are you improving your homes to ensure optimal livability for your family? Or are you enhancing it to sell it in the near future? Knowing precisely why you are taking on a home improvement project would help you map out your goals for fixing up your property. Know that your goals play a pivotal role in determining the best approach for improving your property. Keep in mind that the type of approach required for enhancing a home’s livability is so much different than fixing up a property for a prospective sale.

2.) Do you possess the necessary knowledge?

You might have undertaken a home improvement project you have successfully executed
before, but one successful project does not immediately mean you are now an expert in DIY home projects. Remember, a project undertaken to spruce up and enhance a home’s aesthetics is mainly different from a project that is all about increasing a home’s profitability. In this regard, you need to identify which jobs you need to undertake and have an awareness of them. Know if you need to secure council permits and how to go about the application process with your local government unit. If you have not attempted to execute a project on your own before, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a seasoned and qualified professional first. Before attempting it all by yourself, you would need guidance no matter how relatively small the project is. After all, it is better to be safe than waste a whole lot of money just of a bungled up project.

3.) How much time do you have to spare?

If you are attempting a project all by yourself, how much time can you realistically spare to work on this project? If this is a side project, you are working on in conjunction to your day job, when exactly is your projected date of completion? These are all the things you need to take sufficient consideration of if you wish to take on the project on your own. However, if you do entrust it in the hands of a contractor, how often do you think you can come by to oversee its progress? In any case, if you attempt to do the project yourself, know if you can commit to the necessary hours required of you in a day and in a month. If it is not something you can realistically meet, you might be better off hiring a qualified project manager.

4.) Just how much DIY are you planning to do?

Picking up a handyman’s book and expecting to undertake the entire renovation project all by yourself is not realistic unless all the project would entail is a simple installation of a shower or the replacement of a sink. Do know that it takes years and years of expertise before one can rightfully call one’s self a professional, so do not underestimate the extent of work that goes into successfully effecting a home renovation project. Sure, your hands on attitude might be admirable but know that renovation projects—particularly large scales ones would take a little more than just knowing how to fire a nail a gun. If you are a novice in this regard, it might be best if you sought help and assistance from professionals. Not only can you expect the project to be finished in a timely manner, but you can also expect fewer snags and errors as well which would bode better for your finances.

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