Home Safety: Four Ways to Protect Your Homes from Burglars



“Home is the nicest word there is.” –Laura Ingalls Wilder

Home (noun): A place where one lives, especially together as a family * a place of affection, joy, and happiness *a valued refuge and resting place * a habitation offering security and protection, where friendships flourish.


Homes are often considered as the world’s sturdiest strongholds against anything that might be harmful to a particular individual or family member.

In this regard, we do not only view them as places for rest and shelter, but instead, we see homes as sanctuaries—a refuge where we can be ourselves and feel the safest. For this reason, any breach made in the family home or any trespass would be seen as an utmost threat to our personal safety—so much so, that it should never be taken lightly or even astride. After all, if you do not even feel safe in your own homes, where else would you be able to feel safe and protected? All your efforts in providing shelter for yourself and your family would feel like it was all for naught. Your walls are meant to protect you, so having that semblance of safety taken away from you would be very much akin to a violation—and one you should appropriately address. There is no worse feeling than being helpless in the haven you have made for yourself such as your home which is why fortifying your walls is paramount to your family’s (and yours as well) well-being. In this regard, preserving the sacredness of your personal space should be maintained—so much so that any risk of disruption to your peace via a break into your homes will be mitigated or even eliminated.

So, how does a homeowner ensure his and his family’s well-being would be protected?

How do you protect your home from potential break-ins?

Well, whether you are living in a lush and sophisticated neighborhood in Anvaya Cove or elsewhere, you can never be too blasé about personal safety. Here are the ways you can keep your home and family safer:


1.) Survey your homes

Before you get right onto strengthening the security of your homes, your initial task should be to evaluate the existing security features your home already has. In this regard, you should take some time to survey your property and identify potential weak areas and vulnerable spots where an intruder might have access to your home. Check if your windows are secure and if your doors are bolted shut—so much so, that when it is locked, it would be virtually impossible to pry open. While you are at it, check the vegetation surrounding your homes and pay attention to those that are close to windows or entrance ways. Lastly, make sure your property is well-lit, and the street where it is located at is substantially illuminated.

2.) Make windows more secure

One of the susceptible spots most burglars would look into is your windows. So, ensure that the ones installed in your home are fortified. Your decorative entrance door might come with gorgeous panels of glass within them or beside them. Albeit visually appealing, these very windows could potentially be areas for potential break-ins so be sure to reinforce them with acrylic glass sheets. With this reinforcement in protection, you can be assured that the window would not be easily smashed by an intruder who might wish to get inside by unlocking the door.

3.) Strengthen doors

Apart from your gates, consider your external doors as your home’s main line of defense. These doors should be considered as such as they function as the most straightforward access to your home so they should be made from durable and strong materials that would not easily give or break when kicked in by an intruder. If there is anything that needs to be the most fortified feature in your home, make sure that it would be your homes as this is a pivotal area of protection for your home. Do not rely on simple locks—especially if a particular door gives access to your home. Always ensure they can be bolted shut and are double locked. Remember, your doors might be your home’s weakest point, with this in mind, ensure that it is more than adequately reinforced.

4.) Equip your homes with security cameras

You might think that home security installations nowadays might be a little way over your budget, but can you really put a price tag on your family’s safety and protection? Sure, it might set you back by thousands of pesos, but you can rest easy at night knowing that your homes are adequately protected and your family’s safety guaranteed. Have an alarm system for your home and complement that with home security cameras. With all of that, you would not only have a semblance of safety but a real sense of it as well. To make sure you have the most appropriate home safety installation, do your research first and scout potential reputable companies that would fit your home as well as your lifestyle. Be sure to read on reviews as well and see what previous clients have said about the company.


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