Beautiful Rental Homes: Five Characteristics of a Good Airbnb Rental


“Travelers increasingly, turn to vacation rental homes as a home away from home for their vacation accommodations. Unlike hotels, vacation rental homes offer so many advantages—from fully equipped kitchens and plenty of bedrooms to private pools and media rooms.” –Justin Halloran

Today, renting out your homes via Airbnb has been seen as an excellent avenue for making extra revenue.

If your homes are located at a premier tourist destination that gets a regular influx of travelers and tourists month after month, you might find that renting out your vacation homes can potentially be a lucrative venture. With home sharing apps and services such as Airbnb, more and more travelers have opted for short-term rental stays as an alternative to five-star hotels. More often than not, the latter would charge you an exorbitant premium for a night only for a bedroom or a suite while the latter would charge you for much lesser with already complete amenities. Furthermore, opting to stay in vacation rentals is also an excellent opportunity for you to get an authentic feel of the city through your hosts. If you are lucky, your hosts would likely greet you when you arrive and should they have extra time; they might even offer to show you around the city. Not exactly a bad deal as opposed to staying in a five-star hotel, right?

However, this does not mean you can arbitrarily build a vacation home somewhere and expect tourists and travelers to come inquiring by the droves. Of course, there are certain characteristics and features in a vacation home that would make it an instant hit among tourists and even locals who are looking for a stay-cation getaway. In any case, if you are planning to turn invest on a lush condo unit in Westborough or elsewhere with an e like excellent profitability potential, here are some of the characteristics and features you ought to look out for:

1.) Killer Coastal Views

Of course, this should go without saying. After all, a dream vacation would almost always consist of a scenic beach that you quickly have access to. Unfortunately, this is only possible if you have acquired a beachfront property or home. In this regard, condominium properties in the city are pretty much up against stiff competition with the ones erected fronting beaches. Not to worry, however, even if your vacation rentals are not a few steps away from sand and saltwater, you can still entice farmers if your home showcased views of nearby attractions such as gardens, local piers or farmer’s markets. Alternatively, if your rental property is situated in proximity to tourist spots, you can expect for prospective renters to come knocking.

2.) Quirky Design Elements

One aspect that vacation renters love and appreciate is a homeowner’s endeavor to be original. If you wish for your renters to have a memorable stay (and to potentially have them refer your property to friends and relatives), you need to incorporate elements that would make it stand out. The most popular AirBnB homes have distinctive elements that make them unique and truly out of the ordinary. This subtle charm would not only pique the interest of your tenants but would also make your homes charmingly unique. From the aesthetic such as conch shell showerheads and chalkboard walls to the extremely weird like pirate-inspired landscaping, make your rental homes impressively unforgettable.

3.) The Power of First Impression

A good first impression matters and in a rental property, it is all the more important. More often than not, you would only get one chance to make an impression, and usually, that is the initial one you would make. With this in mind, it is imperative that you take full advantage of those few seconds to make that impression. You barely have a few seconds to do so—especially since Airbnb listings are rife with other properties that the competition is rather stiff. You need to be inventive in stopping scrollers in their tracks either by choosing a stellar signature shot or featuring your property’s best quality or feature. Owners of well-loved AirBnB properties would know how to create a significant impact on their prospective renters by featuring only the best photos of their properties, highlighting its unique characteristics and features. After all these, the owners would not just let the photos speak for themselves but would complement these imageries with accurate details to provide context. To take full advantage of your listing’s potential, include shots that are taken at different times of the day as well as the year if your property is located somewhere with four seasons. In this way, your potential renters would be able to envision what their stay would be like should they wish to push through a rental with you.

4.) A Good Hostess’s touch

Cool rentals with excellent features aside, most guests would still want a positive experience, and this would invariably include how receptive and welcoming their hosts are to them for the duration of their stay. Airbnb owners that have top-notch properties usually achieve so because of the way they treat their guests. Complimentary bottles of wine, a good conversation, a list of nearby favorite local restaurants or recommended bars and watering holes can go a really long way when it comes to treating your guests. Treat them as you would your friends, and you may end up with having a good friend (and a marketer for your rental property) for life.

5.) Good Reviews

No matter how great a rental property might claim to be, prospective guests would almost always check its ratings and reviews. This is a measure they use to ensure that they do not get scammed by pretty photos with properties that do not actually deliver. If your Airbnb is excellent and delivers what it promises, you can expect rave reviews to come rolling in. Top-ranking homes have guests that are not shy about imparting their experience and would be singing praises about the property. More often than not, they would not be merely talking about the space but their hosts as well. So, take note of that.


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