Living and Beyond: Four Ways to Choose the Best Retirement Home


“Retirement has been a discovery of beauty for me. I never had the time before to notice the beauty of my grandkids, my wife, and the tree outside my very own front door. And, the beauty of time itself.” –Hartman Jule


Retirement is but the next adventure.

To many retirees, this means looking for a home that would better suit their needs. Once every single one of their children has grown older and leaves the familial home, quite a lot of older individuals would wish for a new home. More often than not, this happens at the stage of retirement but this would most probably be the last home purchase for most individuals. As this is probably the last significant investment an individual would ever make in their life, it is only understandable for one to be a little meticulous about it.

After all, most retirement homes are not dubbed the ultimate homes for nothing. In this regard, your prospective retirement homes should capitalize on features not on being near good school districts or having bedrooms for every family member. Rather it should be characterized in letting you age in peace. In any case, if you have been scouring the neighborhood for potential homes for you to move into, whether that may be two serendra or elsewhere, here are some key features for you to consider:


A single-level living home

One of the integral features your retirement should NOT have is a flight of stairs—regardless of how short they are. Any home with even just a single step up or down can present quite the predicament in the future—especially when someone starts using crutches or wheelchairs. So, homes with sunken living rooms and the like should definitely not be in your list. Make sure you check for stairs when going in and out of the house from both the garage and the front door.

Wide hallways, doorways and open space are imperative

Sure, wide open spaces are in great demand just for about any house. However, in retirement homes, this should not only be a want but a mandatory necessity. Apart from being great features for socializing, this would also make it easier for you to maneuver whether you are using a walker or a wheelchair.

Have one step-in shower

Bathtubs are great but for older people, this can be quite difficult. Moreover, getting into bathtubs when you are rather advanced in years means you are in a precarious position of slipping. With this in mind, it is best to have step-in showers in your home where you can simply be wheeled into. Ensure that there are grab bars for both showers and toilets. Apart from these features, take a gander around the bathroom and ensure that it has a large enough space for a wheelchair, a walker or even a personal aide.

Do not forget to plan for who may end up sharing your home

While you intend your home to be the perfect spot for retirement, there are some situations that would call for you to pay heed to who might end up sharing your home. Multigenerational living is rather common after all. So, in this regard if you expect any of your kids to join you sometime in the near future, consider spaces that would work well for them. Look for a home that has a guest suite situated near the garage that would work well for one of your older kids. However, if you intend on designating a bedroom for an aging parent, then you might need a second master bedroom on the first floor. Either of these options would be great for any adult children or grandchildren who might want to come and visit you.

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