Money Resolutions: Ending the Year with Cash in Hand

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Money is valuable in a capitalist economy. These days, it can buy anything including happiness. If happiness comes in the form of material wealth, you need some cash to get your hands on your precious babies.

Floating amidst a personal financial crisis is a challenge. An emergency, accident, and other unforeseen events often require wads of cash. A sudden drop in exchange rates, inflation, and changes in fiscal and monetary policies to shield the economy from the political scene is enough to drive up prices.

All of these can eat up half of your paycheck. However, external factors are only one part of the story. The other half depends on the person. Their spending habits are the first thing that comes to mind when considering personal wealth.

Growing your wealth takes time but it’sone of the most satisfying accomplishments once you reach the end of the year.

1. One goal at a time

According to Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist, decision making requires willpower and self-control. You can make fewer decisions when your willpower runs out of juice. When you have a lot of things going in your head all at once, you consume most of your brain power. You lose the ability to make financially sound decisions.

To become successful with your financial plan, you must follow your plans one-by-one. If your goal is to get out of debt, you must focus on steps that will help you save and pay off your balances.

Meanwhile, if you plan to maintain your monthly budget, you must to cut your expenses, discover the methods of saving that works for you, try out cheap alternatives. Using the Glorietta store directory instead of walking in the rows of boutiques and shops minimizes your chances of shopping the stuff you don’t need.

2. The fear of shortage

Fear can have different effects on an individual. It can paralyze you or limit your perspective. Worse, it will push you to take on rash decisions. The fear of shortage, a concern related to wealth, urges people to become tight-lipped and maintain a closed fist.

When that happens, the mind begins to associate negativity towards investments and other financial ventures. The skewed perception limits the person and prevents them from exploring other sources of financing.

At the same time, restricting the flow of money or thinking that your current sources are enough leads you become stagnant. Expenses continue to pile up but your resources are on hold is not an ideal combination.

3. Apps and coupons

Using an app is a quick way to involve children in financial literacy. Since applications are interactive and produce real-time results, they encourage young ones to discover proper ways of handling money. Besides the engagement for kids, mobile and desktop apps on budgeting and money management make budgeting quick and easy for people-the-go. The simple interface helps people lock their eye and track monthly costs.

Mobile apps are also a great source of discount promos and coupons. Various apps feature slash prices from retail stores, lifestyle concept shops, and department stores. Others offer services in the lowest amount possible as it minimizes the use of a middleman.

Teaching children the importance of saving, bargain, and other money hacks you gained through the years helps them appreciate how it’s generated. The same goes when you start to budget and accept the concept of staying rich comes from living like the poor.

If you wish to end the year with more money than you had last year, you must do the things you haven’t done. Skipping parties as well as fancy entertainment sources from cinemas, and theaters among other things are part of the changing process. It’s time to find other forms of luxury in a world of exclusivity and capitalism.

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