Home Living: Four Ways to Make the Most Out of Townhouse Living


“Having a place to go—is a home. Having someone to love—is a family. Having both—is a blessing” –Author Unknown

Once you have finally saved enough money to buy yourself your own home, deciding on what type of property to buy or invest in can take quite a lot of time. After all, your options are virtually limitless that it can be a tad bit overwhelming. Narrowing down your list might take you some considerable time, but keep in mind that you should never arrive at a final decision without proper planning or the appropriate discussions with your partner. In today’s contemporary living setup, many Filipinos would consider living in a condo as this addresses most of their needs. After all, with condos proliferating in almost every nook and cranny in major metropolitans, prospective homeowners definitely have a myriad of options when it comes to location. Furthermore, developers have conveniently integrated these high-rises in society’s highest points of interest such as entertainment hubs, schools, and even offices.

However, some Filipinos are more at home with the idea of owning a house that they can freely renovate and redecorate at will. Lastly, some individuals wish to start small and easy by billeting themselves in a townhouse such as Celadon ResidencesCeladon Residences which more or less affords you a fusion of the benefits of a condo and a single detached home sans the exorbitant price tag.

In any case, if you have been considering on investing in a townhouse, here are some of the ways you can make the most out of living in one:

1.) Study the location and do site visits

Much like any investment you will make in your life, it is imperative to do sufficient research first before spending any of your money. Choose a location that is within proximity to most schools and offices. However, if that is not possible, at least choose an area that is within a reasonable distance from offices, schools and other entertainment establishments—or at least that affords you a convenient commute to and from important points of interest.

2.) Look for a corner lot for extra space and privacy

Corner lots are priced at a premium than any other lot offered in the real estate development property. This is because corner lots traditionally have more land compared to other units. This is a great solution to address the ever-present dilemma of having too little land in a townhouse. More often than not, living in a townhouse means you share at least one wall with your neighbors, and if you are an incredibly private person, this might be something you wish to negotiate upon. In this regard, if you chose and chanced upon an end unit, not only will you get added value for money but you will also have a better sense of privacy.

3.) Opt for a unit with a balcony

For some homeowners, balconies are nothing more than mere extraneous additions meant to inflate the price tag. With this in mind, they would overlook this addition and dismiss it as something negligible. However, having a balcony—even on a diminutively sized home can be incredibly beneficial as it doubles as a party venue and would create an excellent breathing space for the residents within. Moreover, it makes the home appear less cramped and airier as well.

4.) Check if the townhouse can grow with your family

One of the biggest drawbacks in buying a townhouse is the uncertainty of its longevity that comes with it. If you intend to live out your days single, then all well and good. However, if you plan on expanding your family, renovating the home and determining whether it can accommodate your growing family might come as a bit of a challenge. With this in mind, it is best if you select a unit that can grow with your family—especially if you bought it as a newlywed couple.

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