Aesthetic Homes: Organizing a Home Office Desk

The key to successful design and execution is planning. When you take the time to lay out your ideas and draft how you want it to look like, you are likely to end up with the result. The same goes for home organization. It doesn’t happen because you bought several plastic storages and trays for your supplies and trinkets.

The desk is the backbone of any office or working area. An affordable house and lot can have a study when you have a working desk. To effectively organize an office desk, consider these elements in your space.

Cord Shelf


The lamp cord, chargers, and other electrical linings can get in the way when all over the place. The feet, especially in limited and cramped spaces, can wound through the pile. It can result in damages when the cord snaps.

To protect the cords and the person using the desk, it helps to install a plank underneath the top surface. A wooden board that’s eighteen inches from the ground serves as a cord shelf. Making in six inches wide is enough to cover a few electronics. Remember to add a surge protector to minimize how much floor area the cords consume.

Desk Placement

work station

Gone are the days when the office needs to be in the center of the study. It’s acceptable to fit desks in unexpected places. A table under a bed makes an intimate working table. Facing the window or an opening blasts sunlight in the morning and fresh air.

Avoid placing desks with a door behind the user. Facing opposite the door cuts their view of who enters the room.

Desk Surface

weekend table

The ideal surface area is 30 inches with enough height, so the desk remains useful until the children at home get to college. If you’re building or buying a table when the kids are still young, the table will be too high for them. Consider an adjustable chair.

To extend the life of your table’s surface, top it off with Plexiglass. The glass protects the tables from scratches, wear and tear. If you wish to get creative, insert motivational clippings, photos, and quotes between the glass and table. Using the right cleaning tools also extends the life of the desk.

Drawers and Storages

Wood cabinet on wall

Utilize all the storage solutions included in the desk. Minimize clutter and fussing in the area by placing all the necessary tools and supplies in one place. Avoid disruptions in the creative flow by stuffing similar and relevant items together.

Use a paper organizer for test papers, reviewers, and other files. Put the paper tray in a line of sight. That way, the kids immediately place them on it to keep the load from their bags. It also makes reviewing and retrieval easier and faster than retaining the papers in their bags.


desk lamp

A desk uses task lamps, but it can benefit from a well-lit area. The light must emit a bluish glow. Cool lighting helps to increase concentration and attain focus. Reading, solving word and math problems, and other pursuits all require uninterrupted work time.

Supporting the desk lamp with a few ambient lights minimizes eye strain and balances the shadows of the room. The warm glow of overhead lights diffuses the brightness of the lamp.

The same goes for bills, medical records, and other valuable paperwork. Sort them out and categorize them according to how you deal with them.


Consider these elements and think about how each will work considering the type of desk you have. Take note of the users and how much space they will consume once they use the desk.

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