Aesthetic Homes: Shopping for Home Decorations To Create a Striking Interior

If you’re looking for a reason to shop for new home accessories and decorations, you can peg it to aesthetic. Home styles and interior decoration change each season. Home trends come and go just like those of fashion.

You can scour furniture and lighting stores at Vertis North if you plan on implementing your new-found taste. Often, a bold interior design depends on the placement of items or the pieces included in the area. Any of these home decorations can transform a condo in Quezon City into a luxurious unit or entertainment area that will be the talk of the town for days.

Try one of these home decorations to refine the aesthetic of your dream home. Remember to consider the personality you want to highlight when picking out what to purchase. Take note of your style, taste and the function of the room.



chandelier soft light

Fancy overhead lighting is the easiest way to decorate the area. Instead of placing it in the usual spot over the dining table, you can install it in unexpected places such as the laundry area or the bathroom. The fancy overhead lighting adds unexpected glamour in the area.


Classy florals

floral print

Instead of the usual blooms, there are other ways to utilize the print. Mixing elegant tones such as gold and dusty rose or unusual combinations like sky blue and light orange are fresh takes on the power of florals.


Covered throw pillows

pillow cushion

A couch in a neutral, solid shade gains life when partnered with prints. Unexpected prints like leopard and flowers can work in against plain hues. The spots become a neutral against the stroke of colorful flowers.


Curtain finials

finials curtain rod

Curtain rods are almost similar to doorknobs and lamp shades. They are easy to remove and replace. You can attach new designs and shapes to the end of the bar. Moreover, you can choose from the models available in home improvement stores.



fur home

The texture from faux animal hide adds depth and drama in an area. It’s an exciting accent piece to include in the area. The room becomes luxe with peeks of faux sheepskin, fox hide or mink.


Glass headboard

window bed

You can move your bed to one side, so it rests perfectly by the panels of your window. The light coming from your window will direct anyone’s attention to the linens on the bed or the long curtains adorning the window frames.


Intricate doorknobs

door knob change

Doorknobs are easy-to-replace and cheap ways to decorate the area. The tiny detail highlights the personality of the room. A crystal or bright gem, as well as gleaming brass, are perfect replacements to rusty handles.


Low-hanging art pieces

gallery wall

Unexpected pops of art pieces such as a framed art by the wall or a low hanging visual a foot from the floor give a view. It also entertains you while getting warmed up in your seat.



sculpture hanging

Wall paintings and pictures aren’t the only elements of design to display in a room. Limited spaces can benefit from mobile hangings or installations. A sculpture by the corner of the room perched on a side table or elevation becomes the highlight of the area when accentuated with task lights.


Suspended chairs

Seating doesn’t have to be boring. Installing hanging chairs makes the area quirky and playful. Suspended chairs can come in different designs. A rattan or bamboo weaved seating suspended by a rope adds a boho feel.

hanging chair modern

Homes with limited floor areas such as condo units and apartments will benefit from hanging home accessories and decors. The tiny changes you implement in your house such as changing finials and enhancing the texture in the area by adding faux fur or printed textiles are simple ways to improve your home’s aesthetic.


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