Guest Post: Protecting New Buildings Against The Ravages Of Nature

Nature is unpredictable and can unleash its elements as and when it feels like. This gives rise to several natural phenomena some of which might be quite severe like hurricanes, tornadoes etc., or less severe in their intensity like snow, rain, sunshine etc. Yet all of these climatic and weather changes can have a debilitating effect on the health of a building, especially those that have been newly constructed and are yet to be seasoned.

But there are ways and means which, if and when adopted, can help save the building from getting damaged and ravaged by these atmospheric and environmental changes. This can be done by following the steps given below like:

  • Research: Not all weather and climatic changes affect all parts of the world. Hence some are likely to have hurricanes and tornadoes; others can only have excessive rainfall or even extreme sunshine etc. Thus, this step includes acquiring a thorough understanding of the different types of weather phenomena that is likely to affect that part of the world. This enables the resident to:
    • Understand what he is against and
    • Decide on the precautions that need to be taken.

  • Assess: Once the dangers are known, it is easy to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the newly built facilities, if faced with one or more of these natural calamities. This assessment should not be only limited to the building itself but should also take into account its surroundings like:
    • Looking for hazardous buildings or facilities nearby,
    • Seeing to see if there are chances of floating debris appearing,
    • Checking the road systems and connectivity,
    • Openings in the building itself like the presence of doors, windows etc.,

  • Fortify: Knowing the dangers and conducting a thorough assessment of the building accordingly will gradually lead the residents to finding solutions which are effective and efficient. Thus a list of ways and means that can be used to either negate or even lessen the impact of a climatic change or an unexpected weather phenomenon should be drawn up and the facilities fortified accordingly. Some of the ways and means can include:
    • Entrances made of steel doors,
    • Windows made of shatter resistant materials,
    • Roll-up shutters and storm panels with perforated metal screens,
    • Aluminum awnings and Bahama shutters,
    • Back-up power facilities etc.

  • Plan: After getting the building fortified, it is again necessary to prepare the residents in risk and emergency management. This includes a list of all the things that need to be done once the calamity strikes. There are no general guidelines associated with such a contingency plan. It depends on the circumstances and surroundings of the residents. But once this plan is drawn up, it needs to be placed at prominent locations, preferably using neon signage so that in the event of a natural emergency, the residents know what is expected from them and act accordingly.

  • Stay alert: After fortifying the building and putting a contingency plan in place, the only thing left to do is stay alert. While preventing a natural calamity or the ravages of natures is next to impossible. But by staying alert, the residents might be able to somewhat predict the onset of a natural phenomenon and help to reduce the ravages and destruction caused. Of course local news channels and weather stations have a very important role to play in this and they keep warning the residents of a particular area if they feel a drastic change in the natural elements is about to happen. The job of the residents of a building is thus to stay in touch with these organisations and ensure that others are also aware of the dangers of any situation that may be slated to arise.

Being prepared to face the wrath of the nature by ensuring all relevant precautions are in place results in the lessening of the impact thereby ensuring that the destruction to the newly constructed building can almost be negated. Hence this is what every building owner and resident should strive to do. You can also refer Arca South.

Author Bio: Alex is a part of a revolutionary construction brand, Azimuth Builders Construction, and specializes in educating people in the ways and means required to take care and maintain the health of newly constructed buildings thereby saving them from the harsh elements of nature.

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