Real Estate Investments: The Five Types of Homebuyers to Avoid


“We have more buyers than we have homes available.” –The real estate market

If you are a realtor or at least have any experience dealing with the buying and selling of houses, you would know that the market is teeming with diverse sets of buyers—each of them more different than the last. As someone in the real estate industry, you should be inclined to think that you can deal with just about any buyer in existence. Unfortunately, giving every buyer the time of the day is not only an unfeasible and impractical tack, but it also tends to keep you from prospective buyers who are serious in their dealings (and would definitely give you a better deal than the rest). Sure, you can make an effort to work with them and endeavor to make them strike a deal with you, but at the end of the day, you would soon realize that you would just be wasting your precious time and what potential profit you could have made. When it comes to dealings in the real estate, it is best to avoid some types of buyers altogether. In any case, this article has compiled a list of which kinds of buyers you should be avoiding with their corresponding traits and characteristics.

So, in case you have been planning to sell a unit in Avida Asten or elsewhere, here are the types of buyers you should avoid. Determine and spot the signs early on as some hassles are probably not worth your time.

1.) The Flaky Buyer

As a seller, you spend most of your time ensuring that your homes are always prepared for showings. Buyers who are inconsiderate and flaky do not take this into consideration and would often postpone meetings more than once. These are the buyers who routinely make a habit of missing appointments—often without giving you a prior notice or without explaining their absence. Remember, any missed appointment is already an missed opportunity to sell the home to another more serious buyer.

2.) The Whiny Buyer

Whiny buyers are never satisfied. They find fault in almost everything and would complain about the smallest of things. Whether this may be about the newly-installed carpet or even the paint color, this person is hardest to please with his or her persnickety and fastidious demands. Do not waste time on them.

3.) The Questionable Buyer

You are not really sure whether or not this buyer can keep his or her end of the bargain. You are not even entirely sure if they have their finances in order. If your prospective buyer has an agreement with the bank, albeit, with odd contingencies, there is a likely chance that the transaction is not exactly a sure thing. By extension, you should not be so sure of them either.

4.) The Realtor-Hopper Buyer

This is the type of buyer who has worked with some agents before you. If you ask them what did not work out, they will give you a myriad of reasons and more often than not, they will likely repeat the same story to the next agent they would choose to work with after they are done with you. The truth is, you are not really getting anything out of this buyer. Do not let them waste your time and definitely do not allow yourself to become another casualty on their list of realtors.

5.) The Distrustful Buyer

While it is natural for a buyer to be wary about working with a new agent, maintaining skepticism throughout the entire process is another thing altogether. More often than not, they are unsure of your choices and would insist on having another expert come to give them their views. These are usually done at your expense, and they are not definitely worth the hassle. In any case, they do not trust you at all so why work with them in the first place?

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