Three Excellent Reasons to Choose Cebu as a Place of Residence

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“Towns change; they grow or diminish, but hometowns remain as we left them” –Jayne Anne Phillips

Regarded and popularly known as the Queen City of the South, Cebu has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, job opportunities and activities in order to earn this claim to fame. Established as the the city of perpetual summer, Cebu is an eclectic fusion of city and provincial life. Picturesque white sand beaches, sprawling landscapes, magnificent mountaintops and a colorful nightlife are just a few of the things you can get to experience in this incredible city. And the best part about all of these is? Almost everything is within thirty minutes from each other—depending on traffic conditions of course. Apart from the exceptionally diverse lifestyle Cebu’s residents abide by, the food is also superb. After all, you can only expect the best from the Lechon capital of the country.

While all these might make Cebu sound like a vacation mecca instead of a permanent place of residence, do not be so quick to dismiss Cebu as a potential place to live in. Apart from the ease of access to entertainment areas and offices, Cebu is also known for its progressive economy making Cebu a premier city for job opportunities. As a result, there has been an influx of individuals who are looking for an opportunity in developing and growing their careers over the recent years. So, if you find yourself a lovely condo in Cebu City, here are the things you can look forward to:

1.) Living in Cebu is way affordable and cheap

Living in Cebu City affords you all the conveniences and more of living in Metro Manila sans the exorbitant expenses that go with it. Indeed, the cost of living in Cebu is relatively cheaper and more affordable than that of the country’s main metropolis. In fact, you can rent out a studio condo unit for as low as Php 6,000. In Manila, you would be set back by at least ten thousand for that. Furthermore, meals are far inexpensive—especially if you know which restaurants to go to.

2.) Limitless work opportunities

Undoubtedly, Cebu can never compete with Metro Manila when it comes to job opportunities and career growth considering that the latter houses most of the major offices in the country. However, over the recent years, Cebu might just be at par with the capital city of the Philippines in terms of employment opportunities. Apart from the flourishing BPO hubs such as Cebu IT Park and Cebu Business Park, Cebu’s economic zones have been prime choices for work opportunities.

3.) Myriad of activities to enjoy

One of the best things about Cebu is that everywhere you want to go is just within proximity of the main city. In fact, planning a little escape would not even take you half a day to accomplish as, at the very most, it would only take you an hour. If you live smack dab in the middle of the city such as somewhere near Cebu Business Park or IT Park, enjoying the panoramic view of the entire city from the mountaintops of Cebu would take you less than an hour.

Alternatively, if you wish to take a dip in one of Cebu’s world-class resorts, Mactan is just half an hour depending on traffic. Apart from the excellent resorts and natural landscapes you can enjoy, Cebu is incredibly rich in history and culture. Known as the island first to be discovered by the Spaniards, there are quite a lot of artifacts and relics left from the Spanish colonization era. Magnificent gothic churches with intricate architecture can be seen almost everywhere in the city but are most prominent in its downtown area. In this regard, it would be safe to assume that Cebu has a little something for everyone—from the beach bums, nature enthusiasts to the history buffs.

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