Guest Post: 5 Tips for Living Alone and Staying Safe

Being able to live on your own without roommates (or even parents) is something that every adult strives for. There is nothing more freeing than having a space of your own. Do things when you want to do them, how you want to do them. For Example you don’t feel like doing the dishes right away, so you don’t have to. You want to decorate every square inch of your living room with the “Live Laugh Love” mantra? Go right ahead.

However with this independence comes drawbacks. One of them is safety. The vulnerability to danger increases rapidly when living alone. Thankfully, there are several ways that one can ensure that they are not putting themselves (or their things) in harm’s way.

Lock Your Doors
It seems silly to have to say such a thing, but sometimes it slips your mind. You’re rushing home to do something and forget to lock it behind you. You’re only running in for a few minutes. Or it’s daytime and you feel safe. Never be overconfident with keeping doors unlocked. No matter the situation, lock them.

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Meet the Neighbors
Your neighbors can be your allies. Watch out for you and keep an eye on things. Or you can learn who might not be the best ones to be around. Get to know the people in your area.

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Explore Your Surroundings
Take a walk around your neighborhood with some friends. Check out what corners or alleys might not be lit or look sketchy. If you have a car, drive around at night; see if there are certain areas where unsavory characters might be hanging out. Find out where to stay away from.

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Get a Security System
If you can afford it or it’s available to you, have a security system installed. If that isn’t possible, dogs can be a great addition to a home. Not just for when you are feeling lonely, they can help keep watch of your place and even deter Potential assailants. Secure your place however you can.

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Arm Yourself
Whether it’s keeping some kind of licensed weapon in your bgc condo or taking a self-defense class, being able to protect yourself is important. Have back up if you ever need it.
Implementing safety measures in your new home is just as critical as having your electricity turned on and your cable installed. Safety always come first.

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Author Bio: Ilean Jane is fun loving and loves to blog. She is a story teller, a foodie and looks forward to anything adventurous. She is a seasoned writer with experience in writing on any topic that catches her fancy. Currently she is working for Irvine Residential Living.


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