Stretch Your Budget, Have a Lower Electric Bill

The –ber month is fast approaching, and you still don’t have your shit together, most significantly your finances. Every payday is just a break-even phenomenon; almost half goes to utilities and payables for your condo in Mandaluyong while the rest is used to cover your needs like food, transportation, and entertainment (Yes, this is a need now.)

You have to make lifestyle changes if you want to have extra bucks. If scrimping on food and gala isn’t your thing, adjust your utility consumption.

Did you know that appliances consume electricity even when they are turned off? It’s such a rip-off. It’s also environmentally damaging as it consumes energy source even if we’re not using them. Now read on to find out which of these energy-sucking appliances are guilty of damaging the Earth and your wallet.

1. TV

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Cathode ray television consumes more energy than LED TV.

When buying a new one, choose LED. Appliances with remote controls use electricity to receive a signal and be alert at all times. Hence, the energy consumed when the TV  is on standby is sometimes the same as when it is on. It is much better to plug them off the socket. If your cable subscription comes with a cable box, unplug it to reduce energy costs.

2. Air conditioner and electric fans

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Electric fans are the lesser evil when choosing which appliance is better for cooling off.

To make sure both machines aren’t zapping most of your electric bill, regularly clean them. Electric fans quickly gather dirt, and even if they consume far less energy than ACs, they tend to use more when clogged with dirt. The blades turn slower than usual when it’s caked with dust. While at it, clear the motor housing too.

Air conditioning units need inspection annually. It’s best to have the condenser and evaporator cleaned and repaired at the same time. When the vents are full of dust, the machine works harder to blow the air out. Between the services, clean the filter once or twice a week especially if the AC is turned on daily. The ideal temperature for cooling is 25 degrees Celsius, the medium setting. The temperature is enough to cool a small room.


3. Refrigerator

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Appliances that are meant to produce cold air generates more heat.

They consume twice the energy. To lessen the consumption, always close the door.

Check the appliance for cracks and leaks. Like the air condition, refrigerators also need services like cleaning the condenser coils and replacement of water filters and drain holes. Consider setting the first three months for cleaning the coils and door gaskets. The sixth month (or three months after) can be for replacing the filter and cleaning the drain hole.


4. Rice cooker

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Every household in the Philippines has a type of appliance for cooking rice.

It takes less than an hour to cook rice so immediately unplug the cooker once it’s done with cooking because rice cookers don’t have off buttons. Once plugged in, it’s in a warm setting which means energy consumption is continuous as long as it’s on. Bigger sized cookers also consume more power than average sizes.

Other than these appliances, some devices or plug-ins take most of the electric bill.

A digital alarm clock, for example, needs to be on 24/7 to work accurately. It’s an evil electrical leech so better shift to analog clocks. Phone, laptop and other devices charging cables also contribute to the electric bill. Unplug them when not in use.

The same is true with extension cords. Use an extension cord with a switch. Remember to turn it off so it won’t add to the share of energy consumption.

Which of these appliances are in your condo? If all of them are present, then they are guilty of inflating your electric bills. Now that you know the culprits of your rising expenses, you can adjust your energy consumption based on your daily activities and preferences. You can now have a few digits left to save your paycheck.

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