Guest Post: The Ease of Shipping to the Philippines

There are plenty of Americans today looking for a new country to retire to where their money will go further. The Philippines is a top candidate for that reason and because it’s well-known as a comfortable place for Americans to live. That’s why more and more Americans are moving abroad to the Philippines. Deciding to make a move is the natural part though, planning and getting all your belongings over to this whole new country takes time and good quality help. You’ll need to apply for visas, and arrange to have your belongings shipped over to the Philippines. Fortunately, shipping is simple if you’re working with a quality company.

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The Benefits of Moving to the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful place to live with sandy beaches, clear blue water, and toasty weather conditions for much of the year. It’s the type of place that’s perfect for lounging and for relaxing throughout the day. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s affordable as well. The local economy relies on Pesos, and the exchange rate between US dollars and Pesos is very favorable. Expats will be able to comfortably live in the Philippines for less than they’re used to, which means that they can enjoy additional privileges such as a house cleaner and more dinners out. For retirees looking for a way to stretch their social security further, the Philippines makes a whole lot of sense.

Getting Your Visa

Take the time to look at the different visas available to Americans and decide which one you best qualify for. Many retirees won’t have any trouble qualifying for a tourist visa or long-term visa that allows them to spend the rest of their days in the Philippines. Consider hiring a company that specializes in Visa laws to help you finish up the paperwork needed to get you over to the country.

Finding a Place to Stay

When making a move to the Philippines as an expat, it’s important to consider whether you’ll buy or rent once you arrive. Both options are viable, but it’s up to you to decide which makes the most sense for you. Renting is generally more affordable, and offers a better selection of places to live, buying is an investment though, and gives you more freedom to make changes after you move in. There’s more maintenance and a whole lot more money up front required though. Ultimately, it’s up to you which option sounds better, but make sure you work with a real estate expert to help you find the very best local deals when making a move.

Shipping Your Stuff

Now that you’ve done the paperwork, you have a place to stay when you make a move, it’s time to figure out how you’ll get your stuff to the Philippines. Talk with businesses that specialize in moving vehicles, furniture, and other belongings over to the country. If you’re a retiree, you’ll probably benefit from a tax exemption that lets you import nearly $7,000 in belongings without paying import fees. Find a good company that knows how to take advantage of these exceptions to get you the best prices for bringing all your stuff into the Philippines. Bring what you can and sell off the rest before you leave.

Consider a Motorcycle

While it’s not very difficult to bring vehicles to the Philippines, many people decide on bringing a motorcycle instead after taking the time to visit. That’s because roads are narrow there and it’s easier to get around by motorcycle. The process to bring over a motorbike is about the same as a car or truck, so use a reliable shipping company and get yourself transportation that you can count on to get you around after making a move.

Making a move to the Philippines is an exciting one, but it can be a real hassle without good help. That’s why it’s essential for you to take the time to find a quality company to help you ship your goods over to the new country. The organization will make a move a simpler one and help you enjoy all the benefits.

About the Author: Jennifer Bennet of A-1 Auto Transport, Inc is happy to be part of such an amazing workforce. She enjoys traveling, writing and reading most of all.

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