Living Alone: Five Reasons Why Living Alone Can Improve The Quality of Your Life

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“Solitude is the soul’s holiday, an opportunity to stop dooing for others and to surprise and delight ourselves instead.” -Katrina Kenison

Most people find the prospect of living alone daunting—something they could never picture themselves doing and with reason. Humans as we are, we crave company and social interaction—two things that an environment living in solitude sorely lacks. However, there is much to be learned about living alone—so much so that in order to fully grasp the concept, you must experience it firsthand. Living alone gives you free reign in deciding how to live without fear of judgment nor interference from others. It also allows you space to breathe and a chance on introspection—to look into ourselves and do the things that make is happy and whole. Whether you choose to live alone in a condo unit for rent in Makati or elsewhere, there are a lot of benefits attached to living alone and why it can actually be good for you. Read on and find out what they are.

1.) Aid you in self-discovery

Living alone makes the perfect avenue for solitary environment which is the ideal setting for one to discover more about themselves. It is through living alone where we would discover how capable we truly are and it also helps us discover our strengths, weaknesses, motivations, desires and some of our behavioral patterns. In addition to that, we also learn how to conquer some of our fears, and it teaches us how to live in liberty unbounded by rules. It gives you more time to focus on yourself and would assist in honing your introspective abilities. As a result, you would ultimately lead better lives.

2.) Helps you unwind from work pressures

There is no doubt that you will inevitably encounter stressful work days and even work weeks which would make you long for some relaxation time. Living alone allows you this freedom and would give you enough time to recover your busy and intense work days. The peace and solitude of your home will give you the necessary space and time you need with little to no distractions at all. Living with others can present a challenge as it would be quite difficult to relax and let go of the stress when people are milling and bustling about.

3.) Assists in returning us to our creative selves

Poets, writers, artists, and musicians often thrive on living alone. It allows them to fully explore their passions for their art in such a way that living with others cannot. It gives them the necessary environment to think and let their ideas roam, and it serves as the perfect environment for connecting with their inner creative selves. As a result, living alone can inspire some of the best work and can even produce some masterpieces.

4.) Helps us appreciate other people more

Considering that living solo limits your social interaction to when you are only out and about during the day or night, it creates a harmonious balance in your life that would make you appreciate and value the presence of other people better. Although you might live alone, you cannot totally close yourself off to the outside world; it is only human nature to crave social connections after all. Being constantly around the people you love tends to diminish how you value them while being away with them tends to make you appreciate them better when they are around.

5.) Relieves you from the burden of responsibility

Perhaps the biggest allure of living on your own is the fact that you are not bound by any rules except the ones you have established on your own. It is akin to a sense of freeing—a liberation where you are allowed to do what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want and however you want. You do not necessarily have constant and tedious duties to fulfill, but this does not mean you should totally forego your responsibilities. Instead, let this serve as a teaching lesson and let it assist you in forming responsibilities of your own which you should attend to. After all, living alone is not only about liberty, it is teaching yourself where the limits lie as well.

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