Why Pampanga is Underrated When It Comes to Real Estate

Pampanga, the gateway to Central Luzon, was the center during the Spanish colonization. The history and culture of the past remained embedded in its people and is reflected in their preparation of delectable dishes and colorful cooking palette. It is dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines after all. 

In the modern era, it is the next big thing. Greater Manila, which includes Bulacan and provinces of the South (Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal) are congested and polluted, so it’s better to look for options to relocate. What better place than Pampanga? With the development of Clark Green City and Clark International Airport, real estate developers will be eyeing for land spaces and lots to market house and lot for sale in Pampanga.


Pampanga has three cities – Angeles City is an independent city – and 19 municipalities under different classes. It is surrounded by its neighboring provinces; Tarlac in the North, Nueva Ecija in the Northeast, Bulacan in the East, Bataan in the Southwest and Zambales in the West. Manila Bay is directly in the South, where fishing activities and shipping are conducted. 

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Most of Pampanga is part of NLEX and SCTEX. The placement makes the province accessible for commuters, travelers, and markets to Metro Manila. It also has Clark International Airport which caters to domestic and international flights.The airport is less crowded than Manila International Airport (NAIA).

Why Stay in Pampanga

Opportunities to grow

Companies are branching out in other areas of the country, and some are setting their eye on Pampanga. Besides the Duterte’s administration ‘BUILD, BUILD, BUILD’ big ticket project, other developers like Megaworld will begin land development to set up a business district in the province. Buildings will be for business-process outsourcing firms and other IT companies expanding or starting their operations in the North. 

Alphamed Medical Group Inc., a group of doctors specializing in different medical areas, recently established a branch in the municipality of Mexico. Various industries setting up in the province brings services closer to the people. 

The ability to grown does not only concern economic improvement. Personal growth starts from learning institutions. Schools now prefer suburban areas to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city that impedes the student’s learning. Thus schools and universities are closer to home than ever before. Pampanga is not only the perfect suburban setting, but it is also the home of the first and oldest private institution in the country. Lubao Institute was founded in 1929 and is the first and oldest non-sectarian school in Lubao.

Less expensive

The cost of living in Pampanga is less compared to Metro Manila. Pampanga is still a province even if there are highly urbanized cities in the area. There are other housing options available in Mabalacat and Porac. Rent-to-own properties are significantly much affordable in San Fernando and Angeles City than other provinces. OFWs and expats looking for low-cost accommodations can choose from different home developments available in the area.

Having a place in the fastest growing city and the future central business hub of the country saves a lot of money before housing triples their value. Owning a house also lessens the need to commute from home to the workplace. It reduces the expenses for transportation and shelter as it removes the need to rent a space. 

Work life diversion

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Latest housing developments and suburbs now include clubhouses, swimming pools, and fitness facilities which give time off the daily grind. Nature is also an important aspect of recreation that’s why some housing projects are strategically located near golf courses and nature parks. In the heart of Clark Freeport Zone lies the Fontana Hot Springs Leisure Parks and Casino, where a suburban community is just a few minutes away. The hot springs, pools, grass parks and casinos are a perfect amusement for everyone in the family. Mabalacat has Dinosaur Island while Porac has SandBox, located within Alviera,  which features various outdoor activities and adrenaline pumping attractions. It has a playground, mini golf, roller coaster zip line and a giant swing! Sandbox gives the ultimate weekend experience.

The suburbs and homeowners communities are also distant from the noise, pollution, and traffic of the city. Since Pampanga isn’t crowded and densely populated, it is peaceful and orderly. The quietness if the area offers a refreshing and relaxing feeling after a long day at work.

History and festivities  

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At night, Angeles City is teeming with lights and laughter of the party crowd. Around January and February, the city celebrates the Hot Air Balloon Festival which attracts tourists yearly. San Fernando has one-of-a-kind festivities like Sinukwan Festival and Frog Festival and grand celebrations like the Giant Lantern Festival. Lubao observes the Sampaguita Festival while Manalin has the Egg Festival every June.

Regarding history, the Spanish genuinely left its marks and traditions in Pampanga. The province has no shortage when it comes to churches. The oldest and prominent Catholic churches were built in its municipalities. Santa Monica Church and Santa Lucia Parish Church are some of the most visited church with numerous devotees.

Overall, Pampanga is an underrated province when it comes to family life and business opportunities. Although the area is flourishing on its own, it was neglected when economic development focused on Manila. Pampanga provides a wholesome environment suitable for family life, community engagement, and vigorous business. Its cities and municipalities are always open to welcome those who seek the relaxed pace of urban living.

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