Hungry No More: Food Parks in Quezon City

There are a lot of living in a townhouse in Quezon City – good security, flood-free area, and nice neighborhood. On top of that, there are a good number of food parks in Quezon City that might be near your place and grab food or two (or more). Next time that you and your buddies are looking for some place to go and dine, check out the list below and try for yourself the following food parks in Quezon City:

Box Park (Congressional Ave. Extension)

This food park is open from 3 pm until midnight, seven days a week – perfect if you’re looking for a chill place after work or hang out with buddies on the weekend. Box Park’s stalls are made of containers lined up side by side, and the tables and chairs are in the middle. You can perfectly see the food options right where you sit.

Images from the website: Box Park (Congressional Ave. Extension)


  • The Fry Guys offer french fries and gourmet type too! But it’s with a twist – they sizzle and melt the cheese in front of you using a blue torch.
  • Ozawa Noritako serves Asian and Mexican cuisine, and you got to try their beef noritako.
  • Porkfolio is for those who are into Filipino dishes such as bagoong pork rice and kare-kare.

Pazar Food Park (Fairview)

According to Chef Nathaniel Mounayer, owner of the Pazar Food Park (and Meshwe), Pazar in Turkish means food market. This clearly describes the vibes and looks of Pazar as unique food delicacies gather in this food park.

Images from the website: Pazar Food Park (Fairview)


  • Frankensteaks is known for their meaty menu. You can actually get a good T-bone steak for only PHP 99.
  • Greased (Comfort Food), as the name speaks for itself, serves oily comfort food like fries and pizza. But we all know these food are worth our cheat day.
  • Planet Shake for some milkshakes and thirst quenchers.
  • Meshwe, owned by Chef Nathaniel as well, will give you authentic Shawarma experience. You should taste it yourself!

Backyard Food Park (Fairview)

With over 15 food stalls, Backyard Food Park will make you want to break your diet. The place is around 1,000 square meters in area and located along Regaldo Ave., corner Coronet St. so it’s easy to go to as well. Eat, chill and enjoy here at the Backyard Food Park.

Images from the website: Backyard Food Park (Fairview)


  • Adobo Ko ‘To is perfect for adobo lovers as they also offer this dish with a twist like Coco Adobo.
  • Bim & Sam is for the people who are craving for some Korean food. Go and try their bibimbap, samgyeopsal, and cheese ramyun.
  • The Hungry Pig is also dubbed as the home of the best porkchop. Their spicy soy garlic chops and chop schiztel is worth a try.


The Yard (Xavierville Ave., Katipunan)

This food park is strategically located in Katipunan, Quezon City near Ateneo, UP and Miriam College. If you are studying or working around the area, go to The Yard and check the 16 stalls which serve some good and comfort food (and drinks).

Images from the website: The Yard (Xavierville Ave., Katipunan)


  • Epicure is the best stop for drinks – craft beers and specialty cocktails, why not?
  • Mac n’ Chicks serves platters and short orders of buffalo wings, potato chips, and mac n’ cheese balls.
  • Berliner Grill is a German-themed street food stall. Go ahead and try their chicken and beef döner and chicken schitzel.
  • The Ice Box offers desserts with liquid nitrogen. Smoking ice creams and cakes are the must-try!

StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park (Teachers Village)

Another hub perfect for food lovers is StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park. The looks with other food parks might be the same, shipping container and backyard picnic style, but the food will be a different adventure that you should indulge yourself into.

Images from the website: StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park (Teachers Village)


  • The Lost Bread is all about French toast and milkshakes. You don’t want to miss their The Carnival and The Campfire.
  • Me Love You Long Time serves Asian cuisine – mix of Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese. Top dishes are bagoong rice with pork belly, laksa, and pad thai.
  • Grape Escape offers Spanish-Italian food and drinks. Polpette, Blueberry Tiramisu and good wine from this stall are definitely a must eat and drink.

(credits to the photos’ owners)

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