Redecorating 101: Five Common Home-Design Mistakes To Avoid

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“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” -Dr. Ralf Speth

What makes a good home design?
While that is pretty much subjective, two elements that would certainly be included in just about anyone’s list is sophistication and functionality. Now, what makes a bad design? And more importantly, what contributes to it? While numerous factors come into play on what makes a bad layout, the main aspect that drives home designers to it is poor planning coupled with relatively small budgets. Though existing budget constraints do not necessarily mean a poor home design would ensue, complementing it with hastily made plans and impetuous decision-making will inevitably result to substandard renovations.
Unfortunately, it is not only novice designers who would likely commit these errors as even seasoned and professional decorators would unwittingly do some of these as well.

Knowing that it can be a costly mistake and that they are likely susceptible to committing design blunders many homeowners have been hesitant in trying out their hand in redecorating. This should not stop you, however. To have a brief idea of what these mistakes might be (and give you more confidence in your redecorating endeavor), this article lists down the most common redesigning mistakes. So that whether you are situated in abreeza residences or even in senta, your redesigning efforts would be a success.

1.) Too much storage space

Having storage space is an excellent way to make room for all the things that you do not want cluttering in your homes. However, like anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad–even storage spaces. Dedicating too much square footage to areas such as basement storage and walk-in closets would inevitably attract more clutter which is counterintuitive to why you installed these spaces in the first place. This becomes a real predicament if you are planning on growing your family where the extra space you used for storage could have been utilized in making a playroom or an extra bedroom.

2.) Too much space between the kitchen and garage

Having this home redesign mistake might seem innocent, but this mistake can easily be categorized as subtly frustrating once you have lived long enough in your homes to notice it. The frustration stems from having to walk long distances just to get your groceries to the kitchen and although this may be okay for the first couple of years, it would gradually aggravate you. Keep the distances short, and you would not have to end up winded all the time after running some errands and doing groceries.

3.) Placement of windows

Lighting largely contributes to a home’s ambiance and overall look, and if natural light is of paramount importance to you, then the placement of your windows is pivotal when it comes to designing your home. Before installing or reinstalling your windows, have a concrete plan of where you want them to face in relation to the sun.

4.) Placement of switches

Coming home after sundown and having to foolishly feel around the walls for a light switch can be very annoying–especially when you are fumbling in the dark. Prior to redesigning, think of where a person would intuitively look for the light switch upon entering the room. This is for ease of access and convenience, and more importantly, so you and your family members would not knock anything over while trying to find the light.

5.) Keep bathroom entrances out of sight

Do not position bathroom doors where when it is being opened it leaves it in open view. Afford your family and guests more privacy by strategically placing doors out of sight from common areas such as the living room, the kitchen or any place where people might converge. This will make using the bathroom a more relaxing and pleasant experience.

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