Condo Living 101: Six Space-Savers Every Condo Unit Owner Should Know About


Condominium units are without a doubt, the height of minimalistic living. The limited space available to you is compensated for the fact that you are also offered a wide array of amenities and condo facilities at your disposal. These same facilities would not be readily available to owners of residential lots and houses. However, one thing you do have to contend with is making use of the limited space and constraining yourself to live with it–no matter how compact it is. For individuals who attract and thrive on clutter, this sort of arrangement can be a potential predicament.

Not to worry, though, your worthy investment would not be all for naught. You just need to think out of the box and be creative as to how you are going to store your household items. Selecting the best and appropriate furnishings as well as designing your rooms to utilize every space available is paramount. If you need help in that aspect whether you are billeted in Celadon Park or elsewhere, take a gander at the tips and techniques below.

1.) Your window ledge is a great place for plants

Indoor plants are excellent for brightening up any space—even small-spaced condominium units. Plants would help you create a fresh environment and look for your homes and would also purify the surrounding air. Choose small fortune plants to enliven your window ledge. If your unit comes with a balcony, you may even create a mini-patio.

2.) Foldable chairs and tables

To maximize your dining area and have it function as an extension of your living room, choose foldable chairs and tables in lieu of standard ones. These space-saving furniture items would allow you to save up on space as you can stack and hide it when you are not hosting guests or having a meal in your dining room.

3.) Utilize mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors around the house would help you create the illusion of a bigger space. For best results, use a big mirror to make a room look more expansive than it truly is. Position it from the window and allow the light to reflect in order to make the room visually expand.

4.) Under-bed storage

Usually, beds would take up most of the space in any room, and if you have one with a frame, the more space is allocated for it. However, beds with frames come with an extra space you can use where under-bed storages would come in useful. If you do not want stacks of shoes eating up space in your room, you can store them in one of those nifty under-the-bed boxes and slide them under your bed. This system works not only for shoes but for virtually anything that you need to put away and do not regularly use.

5.) Collapsible and stackable

A significant amount of space would be readily available to you if you invested in storages that are either collapsible or stackable. To organize your clutter and other decorations (which you would utilize only once a year), use these items. You can go vertical by using stackable storage boxes when organizing your things and potentially save up a lot of space.

6.) Sofa bed

If you constantly have guests or family over, you might want to invest in a sofa bed or a sleeper. A sofa bed will allow your guests to have a space of their own for whenever they are around for a visit without requiring more room nor freeing up space. The biggest advantage is that during the day, it would serve as a living room couch where you can entertain guests and at night, it can double-up as an extra bed. For the price of one furniture, you are hitting two birds with one stone.


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