Advantages of Living in New Manila, Quezon

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“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back” -Wendy Wunder

When one pitches the idea of living in Metro Manila, one would readily shake his head in disagreement. The idea of life in a high-rise condominium tower such as Alveo land Quezon city might seem entirely appealing, but there are a lot of major takeaways. The constant traffic congestion, the increasing cost of living and the pollution are just some of the things you take into consideration when you contemplate about living in the nation’s capital region. However, one should not immediately dismiss the idea of living in Manila–most especially in Quezon City.

It might be one of the country’s most populous city, but it is also one of the richest in the metro with a rich cultural history and heritage and along with it a bunch of individuals of diverse cultures. One of the best things about living in the northerner portion of Metro Manila, particularly New Manila in Quezon is the thriving urban environment that despite the city’s progressive nature, retains its quiet sense of exclusivity–a touch of elegance if you may. Here are five of the best advantages of living in New Manila.

1.) Even with Metro Manila’s congested place, it has ample space for everyone

It is not secret that Metro Manila has finally reached its quota of residents long ago, yet that does not seem to stop people from multiplying all over the place. However, you would be pleasantly surprised that Quezon City where New Manila is nestled is in fact, over 160 kilometers of space which would mean that there is still enough room for everyone who wishes to live there. The new neighborhood of New Manila fosters the kind of residential community that is calm and friendly which is perfect for individuals wanting to start a family.

2.) It is the personification of Manila’s elegance

Manila is peppered with neighborhoods that are noted for their sophistication and opulence. But, what sets New Manila apart is the fact that it was once called the crown jewel of Quezon City and with good reason. New Manila’s residential district is demonstrative not only of sophisticated class but elegance and luxurious living as well. It represents an era where families afforded elegant and spacious living. A quick tour of the neighborhood would tell you that as evidenced by the many old mansions and sprawling compounds.

3.) It is classy but low-key

Just because New Manila is recognized for its elegance, it does not mean that it remains stuffy and all-exclusive. It has, of course, adapted to the times and has an array of hang-out places for today’s generation. Young urbanites and professionals would not find a single dull moment living in New Manila as it is in proximity to several malls and a collection of food districts and bars.

4.) It is home to history and art

History buffs and art enthusiasts would be pleased to know that New Manila is home to the PETA Theater. This is where artists from all over the country converge to perform shows that would help bring awareness as regards social issues. Nearby, residents will find Club Filipino which is the first exclusive club for Manila’s elite. It has seen various political and historical events over time.

5.) Accessible schools and business districts

One of the many perks of choosing to live in New Manila is that Schools and work centers are within proximity as the place is flanked by the country’s top universities while Ateneo de Manila and University of Santo Tomas are just a single train ride away. Business hubs and districts are not left out either and are easily accessible with the Ortigas Center being a twenty-minute drive and Bonifacio Global City a forty-five minute one.

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