Five Things to Do After Moving Day

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“Around here we do not look backwards for very long…We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we are curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” –Walt Disney

So, you think the worse is over. You have packed your belongings neatly into boxes and moved them into the new house together in a moving van and your very own family car. By the time you get to the house and get settled in, you may express relief over what seemed to be a long day. But, do not rejoice just yet, you may have successfully moved in, but the journey is only halfway done. Apart from the piles of boxes waiting to be opened, there is still quite a lot to do. These score of immediate tasks should not be delayed—the longer you defer them, the more likely it is that you will forget them and you would not be able to truly settle in your new neighborhood. Regardless of whether you are newly billeted in a residential townhouse somewhere in Quezon City, or have recently moved into a lush unit in Alveo condominium Cebu, here are some of the imperative things you should do the day after moving in.


Naturally, you would not be able to unpack all of the boxes during your moving day (Although much kudos to you if you have managed to) so your initial task should be to finish unpacking all of these boxes. This time, you can do a bit of relaxing though as you can do it at a more comfortable pace. Though it may be time-consuming, it is an important task. Unpack your essentials first—things that you would need to use daily. Ideally, boxes labeled with bedroom and bathroom should be opened first.


One of the things you do after moving day is to do a thorough inspection. A visual inspection would only take you so far, and you would not be able to see any visible signs of damages. Make sure to inspect every nook and cranny of your new home and be meticulous about it. This is especially true if you are moving into a home that is not brand new. You will need to check if the utilities are still up to scratch as they were when you initially inspected them. In this way, leaks and other faulty utilities will be addressed immediately.


Just like you would need to get used to your surroundings, your furry pooches would need to do so as well. Although they should not wander so much within a week of your move, you should make sure that they would get to be familiar with the environment by going on short jaunts with them. This is to ensure that your pets are alright with the sudden change of scenery and unexpected alteration of their comfort zone. Consider walking with them to the Neighborhood Park or playground and give them a chance to take in the new place.


Get out of the house and drive around your new city. Try to find out where the nearest supermarkets, medical centers, schools, banks, post offices, government offices, etc. are as this will be just some of the places you would need to go to. The more you take exploratory drives, the more familiar you will be with your new city and the more comfortable you will feel living and working there.


One of the hardest things to cope with during a move is separation anxiety. Teenagers, in particular, may grow resentful especially if they have to leave friends behind. A move would certainly put some stress on everyone involved. It is for this reason that it is important to make new friends, although your children (especially teenagers) may resist the idea for a while, take the initiative and start making acquaintances and friends with your neighbors. After a while, they may just follow suit and have some new friends of their own as well making the move much easier on everyone.

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