Why Less Is More in A Condominium

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Condominium units, whether it is a condo in Alabang or Davao, are the personification of less is more, and they are literally a tangible manifesto of a minimalist lifestyle. True enough, you can invest in spacious condos and pepper it with furniture and household items to the brim.

But there is something about living in a limited space where literally every square inch of space matters that would motivate anyone to be frugal with the available area—much like how it would be when one lives in a condominium. Although condo living has been gaining momentum in the housing market recently owing to its convenience, affordability and added amenities, many potential homebuyers are not so inclined and receptive to buying one.

When thinking about the bigger picture, there are a lot of constraints when one chooses to live in a condo as opposed to those billeted in a home as they are at liberty to modify their residences however they wish.

But this is where “less is more” is applicable as it means getting the most out of your home and in the case of a condo, in a limited space so can live more comfortably and worry free. The concept may not exactly appeal to you right away, but considering the advantages and the benefits enumerated below may convince you otherwise.

Reasons why less is more


You might be thinking it would be quite counterintuitive to look for a condominium unit with more space when condos have prided themselves in minimalist living. Though it can be quite challenging, it is not impossible.

The beauty lies in finding an ideal unit with enough space to move freely about. In today’s housing market, it would be difficult to find a home in the city that would have adequate space for you. Although more condominiums today are focused on having more units with lesser square footage to accommodate more, there are still excellent ones that have a lot of room.

You would just need to do a bit of research based on your budget and needs and know where to look. You might just be surprised to find a flat spacious enough to contain all of your things and still be able to live in proximity to the city.


Today, there is a proliferation of real estate developments, and most of them are centered in erecting condominiums in the metro. Though the prices may substantially vary, you need to take into account that you are not only paying for the condominium unit only but the amenities they have as well—the more facilities they have to maintain, the higher the cost will be.

Another factor you need to consider is the cost of association dues. However, if you do not see the necessity of having a pool and all other extraneous amenities, you will find condo units that are far more affordable than a regular house and lot.


Having fewer amenities would mean that you would be consuming less resource whether natural or not. As a result, you will be living greener by conserving energy, and if you do not consume a lot of resources, there would be lesser amenities to maintain.

As a result, the management would not need to charge exorbitant fees for the upkeep.


Living in a minimalist space means that you would not have to worry about having a lot of rooms to clean and no garden or yard to keep up. Essentially, choosing a condo would mean you would have more than enough time to relax and be with your family or friends.

It would be easier for you to make friends as well considering that your neighbors are literally a wall or just across the hall from you.


Living a minimalist lifestyle would mean thinking out of the box when it comes to decorating opportunities. Billeting yourself in a condominium unit would allow you to showcase your creativity through interior decorating and the possibilities are truly endless.

If the reasons above are enough to convince you, then perhaps you may want to take a look at the condominium units you may want.

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