Sea Explorer: Five Best Beaches in Batangas

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“Every time I slip into the ocean, it is like going home” – Sylvia Earle

Known as the local beach haven of the Southern Tagalog Region, Batangas has its fair share of lush and immaculate beaches enough to make it a renowned tourist destination in the country. Batangas has also been famed for its irresistible delicacies, a peculiarly strong but memorable accent, centuries’ old churches, the balisong but above all; Batangas is most notably lauded for its prolific beach resorts and diverse beaches. Batangas beach resorts showcase some of the best natural landscapes typical in the tropics and are undoubtedly places that tourists and locals would love to visit and revisit again and again.

However, try to curtail your expectations of Batangas beaches. Although they are all incredibly picturesque, albeit a bit of a break than the usual beaches we are accustomed to, not all of them have powdery sands that could rival Boracay’s coast. Regardless, their beaches boast of impressive shorelines with some of the beaches fully developed while some are secluded. With Batangas’s wide range of beaches, it would be almost impossible to find no beach that would cater to your tastes. However, here are some of the five beaches that are worth the visit on your next trip.

1.) Burot Beach

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Nestled in Calatagan, Burot Beach has been a long and best-kept secret by the locals, and as a result, the beach has retained its natural and pristine beauty. However, more and more beach-goers have discovered it, but the beach is still worth the visit. It has been said that the property has been purchased by development conglomerate, SM but remains open for individuals who want to visit the beach.

2.) Fortune Island

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The most notable feature of this beach in Nasugbu are the Greek columns which are the remains of what looks like a private rest house. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know about Nasugbu apart from the people in Batangas considering how beautiful and picturesque the beach is. If you wish to spend the night, there are a variety of resorts to choose from in the mainland ranging from budget-friendly to lush and pricey.

3.) Kabayan Beach Resort

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Located in San Juan, Kabayan Beach Resort remains to be the most well-known beach destination in the municipality considering that it has an essential grounds among the resorts in Laiya. With an abundance of tall shady trees, you are guaranteed to feel refreshed and calm throughout a humid and hot day. Nature enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that the beach resort has an aviary where one can observe colorful birds and a sanctuary for pawikans (Philippine sea turtles) which truly sets this beach apart from the other beaches in Batangas.

4.) Planet Dive

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Individuals seeking for beaches suitable for snorkeling and diving would find that Planet Dive is a great alternative to Dive Solana Anilao. Popularly recognized for its Twin Rocks, Planet Dive is one of the most beloved dive sites in Batangas and is ideal for any tourist or local seeking a dip and a swim with marine animals.

5.) Malabrigo Point

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While most individuals from the city would converge in Laiya and Nasugbu, one beach seems to fly under the radar all these years making it a well-preserved and natural beach perfect for those seeking solitude and seclusion. Malabrigo Beach is known for its beautiful and scenic shore and pristine waters. Part of the reason why this beach remains undiscovered is its location as it is nestled in an obscure municipality and is hardly accessible through the meandering mountainsides. Not entirely you’re popular beach though as Malabrigo has pebbles instead of fine sand, regardless it adds to the overall visual aesthetic of the place which is complemented by the beautiful lighthouse nearby.


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