Real Estate 101:  Four Annoying Things Sellers Do that Drive Agents Nuts!


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“The way that you live in your home and the way that you sell your house are two different things.” –Barb Schwarz

A real estate agent and their designated home sellers have an oddly unique symbiotic relationship in which they both benefit from the other. The home seller finally gets their house sold at the asking price they desire, and the real estate agent gets a small profit out of it. This relationship of theirs is none like other. Arguably, no other professional involvement in the world comes close to it. Some would even argue that after a specific time has elapsed, a seller and an agent’s relationship would evolve in such a way that it can be considered somewhat personal. This is because there is no other relationship apart from this that has both people involved spend so much time carefully working together in achieving a mutual goal: the sale of a house.

Admittedly, seeing sellers in their homes and their natural habitats can cause them to be in their most vulnerable state or essentially can cause them to act without pretensions. As this is the case, only two outcomes can have a possibility of ensuring: Either an individual bond would be formed or it may breed familiarity which may eventually lead to contempt in the long run. However, it is precisely because of this familiarity that the line between a professional and a personal relationship gets blurred. In the guise of familiarity and camaraderie, sellers would often indulge in behaviors that may drive the agent crazy and cause detriment to the potential sale of the house. Regardless of where your property is situated (whether that may be in verdana homes Mamplasan or Alveo Bacolod), there are certain seller actions that drive an agent up the wall.  Here are some of them:


1.)    Failing to keep the home clean


Selling your home requires a degree of good impression on your buyers and one way to do that is to keep your house immaculately clean…all the time. When you have listed your home on the market, it should be ready for a showing on a moment’s notice which means you need to be seller aware at least 24/7. Have a plan to clean your house or at least have it presentable enough for any surprise potential buyers who might drop by. This is imperative because if you keep an unkempt home, not even your agent’s magnificent powers of persuasion and sales talk are going to convince a potential buyer.


2.)    Being inflexible with the selling price


Every home seller wants to get the best value for their home. But there is a big difference between a seller who wants to get the best bargain and a seller who would squeeze as much money as they can from their homes. The former would know how to compromise and negotiate on matters worth negotiating while the latter would always be inflexible with their selling price and will dismiss anyone outright who would not agree to it. This sort of inflexibility irks your agents who advocate on working with the best buyer and not necessarily the best offer.  Be flexible with your prices and do not always hold out for that one buyer who would buy your home for your asking price or you might never sell your property at all.


3.)    Insisting your home is unique


Undoubtedly, your home has a special spot in your heart having lived there for quite some time. But remember that this is not necessarily the same for your buyers. Sure, you have built momentous memories there, but this is the sort of emotional attachment that makes you resist your agent’s pricing advice. Remember, your agent sees your house for what is and unlike you, their pricing is based on practical calculations and concrete advantages and benefits. They do not come up with a price based on sentimentality. If you find yourself unable to agree with your agent’s realistic pricing then maybe you should reconsider selling your home as you may not be ready.


4.)    Neglecting to clean up for the new buyer


Failing to clean up for the new buyer is a cardinal sign of a bad seller and one who is only interested in a fast transaction. Imagine being in your buyer’s shoes, it would be like a hard kick to the curb to discover that your new home is not even ready for you—it is basically akin to eating a half-cooked meal in a restaurant. This also puts your agent in a bad light (they recommended your property after all). Deliver your home in pristine condition to the new owners. They will appreciate the gesture and you will get kudos points as a seller for it.

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