HOME LIVING: Top Tell-Tale Signs Your Home is Outdated/in a Mid-Life Crisis

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“It is a privilege to wake up in this house that existed before us, and will exist after us.” –Tim Cuppet, homeowner

Living in homes that have existed years before you even took your first breath in the world is nothing short of enchanting and intriguing. For those with a penchant for digging up history, imagining the sort of people that had once lived in the very house you are in, trying to envision their daily lives and basking in that very air that had once been so thick with their very own history are just some of the things that truly fascinate and enthrall you.

Homes that have been erected decades or a couple of decades earlier may have their own designated charms, but one extremely vital thing you have to consider is that though it may look imposing and majestic on the outside, so should its insides be. Sure, the prospect of living in a sprawling two-story home rich in history may sound appealing, but make sure that it is still in working order—because really, it is absolutely no fun living in a dilapidated house regardless of its historic potential. So, if you found that your house has been standing for quite some time now, it is safe to assume that it has weathered a lot over the past years, and it may be time to look for signs whether it is suffering from a mid-life crisis. These are universal signs so regardless of whether you are living in an old townhouse in Manila or a dated mansion in Cebu, some of these should be present and should be immediately addressed.


The beautiful ceilings your home once had may now be worn and would look a bit off-color with little bits that look like popcorn appearing like they are about to fall off anytime. Remove all of that horrendous texture and get rid of all those bumps. Make your ceiling look visually appealing again and give it a fresh, new, smooth and sleek look.


Carpeting is great—most especially if you love going around your house barefoot. However, this could be a potential problem as well as a relentless eyesore if it has been worn out over the years. Spillages and messes on your carpeting are one thing, however, bald spots are entirely different. These spots would make it seem like you are walking on an uneven path and are really precarious causes for untoward accidents. Like balding men should just consider shaving their head, replace the carpeting with thinning fabric with modern hardwood instead.


Take a look around your home and give yourself a brief tour. Take stock of the surroundings and inspect what kind of fixtures you have installed. Your chandeliers may be missing some of their crystals, some of your light sconces may no longer work the way they should and your décor looks hopelessly dated. If some of these are true, it may be time to make your home feel alive again by installing some fancy fixtures. Having these in your home is akin to wearing expensive jewelry and may just be what your home needs for that extra flash and sparkle.


The hues you may have been utilizing in your homes may look dated—or worse, peeling off from the walls. Just like your graying hair—or in this case, your off-colored walls, all it would need is a little color to get rid of that lifeless and dull look. Spruce it up and enliven it with a dash of color by incorporating new shades. You may not know it, but these contemporary colors may be all your home needs to restore that vigor it once had.


The wallpaper may have looked really great—in the eighties, but today it just looks so hopelessly out of place. Give your walls a proud new look by utilizing basic and simplistic designs. Use warm or dark tones and furnish your walls with a contemporary color.
If absolutely nothing in your home is working, when the décor looks like an ancient relic, the flooring is horrendous then perhaps it is time for a reality check and admit to yourself that your house needs a major overhaul or at least a remodeling. Give your home that fresh new look it deserves and you will have a grand time entertaining friends who would not even recognize your home!

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