Four Ways to Sample Minimalist Living

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“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It is simply the perfect amount of something.” –Nicholas Burroughs

There has been a saying that goes that people can live more by having less. In essence, this is the very sentiment that propagated the ideology of living a minimalist life—a life that is mostly hassle-free, clutter-free and more liberating. However, as humans who are accustomed to having more and equating the possession of more items a wealthier and better cause, this can be a rather hard philosophy to conform to it. We must not blame ourselves, however, as yielding to a unique philosophy would be hard—especially if from the moment we are born, we are told to pursue more.

This belief has been widely accepted because it dominates almost every advertisement in televisions, radios, newspapers, radios, etc. and as a result, we work ourselves to the ground trying to meet those extra hours, earn extra money and spend it on the fanciest and finer things in life. These things, though expensive, can only grant us a fleeting moment of happiness and more often than not, this temporary euphoria would not give us any true feeling of contentment. The truth is there is real and lasting joy in owning less. Living with a lot less would make us realize where we should focus our attention and our minds—it would change the foundation of our lives, and a cathartic realization would then ensue.

However, since we have been so acclimated to a life living with as many worldly possessions, taking the initial step towards minimalism may seem intimidating—some may even find themselves resisting the change. Sure enough, a complete transformation cannot be done overnight, but there are ways where you can sample this way of life little by little every single day and in different areas and aspects of your life. Incorporate these small changes gradually, and you will see how your life will drastically change because regardless of whether you are billeted in 1016 residences or Ayala land premier Bataan, it would bode you well to integrate minimalist aspects into your homes.


Statistically, we only wear about twenty percent of our clothes eighty percent of the time. Necessarily, this would mean that we have wardrobes filled with clothes that we barely or do not even wear. Some of these clothes may not also fit us or are obsolete and out of style. They are only taking up space in your closet and could lead to a cluttered lifestyle. Simply going through your wardrobe and removing all the unused sartorial items would make your closet lighter and your mornings less stressful. Apart from that, you would only have a wardrobe filled with clothes you love.

A little décor can make all the difference between a sullen home that does not look lived in and a quick home that is full of life. Too much of it, however, may interfere with personal space. Some of these items have little to no value in our homes and may have been bought because they were either on sale or they happen to complement and match our homes other furnishings. When it comes to cutting down decorations, scrutinize its value and have a discerning eye in removing those that serve no value at all. Ideally, your decorations should have a dual purpose: functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Anything on our countertops would be considered as clutter. Clutter is a form of distraction, and it would redirect our thoughts even for just a minuscule moment. However, we have been so used to these distractions that we do not notice them anymore unless they are removed. Apart from essential countertop appliances, try clearing your countertops from any unnecessary items that do not have any use and store these very same items in the pantry or cabinets. This will make any cooking ventures you have a lot less stressful.


You may be hesitant in removing the excess furniture your home has but once you have accomplished that, you will find that you will significantly have more space and you would allow more airflow into your homes. Those rarely used furniture or furniture that is taking up too much space than necessary should be the first to go. This may require you to store them in another place for your trial period, but you would find that the additional space you have may be a lot more rewarding than the stuffy feeling you get from being inundated with too much of it.

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