Condo Living 101: Swimming Pool Etiquette

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“Welcome to our ool. Notice there is no “P” in it? Let us keep it that way” -Funny Pool Sign

May it be a condo in BGC or Alabang, virtually all condominiums nowadays come equipped with various amenities to keep their residents entertained and relaxed during the downtimes for which they spend in the condo. Of course, these facilities come with a certain allure and appeal that may be the deciding factor for many potential buyers to get a unit finally.

As it is, the usage of the condominium pool requires your good manners for every single one to get along.

However, your swimming etiquette in the condo pool is not just limited to keeping the noise down at night, and it is more than just your regular reminder of not peeing in the pool. Simple courtesy in community and condominium pools may not be as straightforward as saying “please” and “thank you” or holding doors out for people who are walking behind us.

The apparent lack of knowledge of pool manners is understandable as most of us do not spend as much time in a pool as we usually do traversing walkways and roads. But make no mistake, swimming pool etiquette is just as important to learn as your daily manners.

So, if you are billeted in a condo, it would be nice to learn some basic courtesy and swimming pool etiquette so that regardless of whether your condo is in, you know you will get along with your neighbors well.

1.) Follow the posted rules

Among the shared pool courtesies you should follow, this one is the most critical if you want to keep using the pool as you wish. If your pool closes at midnight then strictly follow the rule as they may have a reason for that (lifeguards may not be on duty). They are not only posted there to issue some edicts that they expect pool-goers to follow but they may be there for your safety.

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Should you have a problem with the published rules, bring it up to your next condo association meeting.

2.) Share the pool

No matter how big the pool is, there will be a time wherein it could not accommodate every single one of the swimmers. This much should be obvious considering the condo unit and pool space ratio is not the same–even if the residents do not visit the pool all at the same time.

However, this should not be a problem. If you find that your pool is a bit busier than usual, wait until there is enough space for you to hop in. Make sure the other swimmers know you are there and do not block anyone’s lane if they are doing laps. Make room for faster swimmers to pass.

3.) Clean up after yourself

This should go without saying as it is common courtesy to tidy up after you are done using the place—regardless of where that may be: at the pool, in the park or the workplace. It is not much different from when you are in a pool.

So, if you are bringing along snacks and sodas, make sure you pick up after yourself and throw all that into the trash bin. Your neighbors appreciate a good pool just as you would in seeing a clean poolside you can lounge on.

4.) Do not splash your neighbors

Rowdy behavior, when one is just trying to complete laps or enjoy a relaxing afternoon, is never welcome. You and your friends can enjoy and have all the fun that you want but remember that not everyone wants to get splashed or soaked.

Be mindful of other swimmersespecially those who are just lounging beside the pool.

5.) Have fun

Though your pool may have posted some rules for you to follow, this does not necessarily mean that you can no longer have a real good time. The rules are there to make sure that everyone equally enjoys a good time while being safe in doing so.

Enjoy the pool water, socialize with your neighbors, get some sunshine and if you follow the rules, you should be doing fine.

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