Neighborhood Living 101: Four Types of Neighbors and How to Deal with Them

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“A good neighbor increases the value of your property” –Czech Proverb

People are incredibly diverse. None of us cut from the same cloth, and we all vary not only regarding outward physiques, appearances, and preferences but in personalities as well. And more often than not, it is this difference in character that causes the most chafing among people—especially to those whom you live near. It has commonly held true that while you can be extensively and incredibly meticulous when it comes to choosing where you live, you cannot be as selective and discriminating when it comes to your neighbors.

Your neighbors may be either bad or good, but one thing is for sure: at some point in your life in the neighborhood, you are going to have to interact with them. And when it comes to the quality of life and feeling of ease at the neighborhood, getting along with your neighbors is highly paramount. How you deal and co-exist with the other people living in your vicinity can make all the difference between having sit-down dinners with your neighbors and engaging them in litigious legal battles. It matters not whether you live in a high-rise condo such as Sedona parc at Makati, you are inevitably going to encounter neighbors and how you deal with them can make your co-existence either a pleasant or unbearable experience. So, to orient you with the different kinds of neighbors you may have (or you may be) the article below details who they are and the appropriate matters to take in dealing with them.


These are the neighbors that are friendly enough to you, are always cordial, warm and even welcoming. There does not seem to be anything amiss when it comes to them, but they are in possession of a yard that resembles more and more of a jungle each passing day, and they have a rusting old car parked in front of their house. Apart from their homes being a constant eyesore, they are pretty okay, but you do not exactly want to enjoy your pristine garden looking at a contrastingly unkempt lawn. If this is the case, it is best to communicate your concern to the homeowner. Sometimes, things are not always what they seem, and your neighbor may be in the midst of a predicament and if such is the case, compromise and talk to them.


No matter how amicable and friendly you are, there are just some neighbors who are best left alone and are not worth investing time in getting to know well. However, it is a good idea to be aware of what their dislikes and boundaries are so you do not cross them and cause them to snap and breed resentment towards you and your family. While it is true that you cannot perpetually tiptoe around this particular neighbor, it is best if you knew what certain boundaries they have that you should cross. Perhaps it may be their devotion to having a good lawn or just a noise-free environment—being aware of these may help you from igniting their fury.


This is the type of neighbor who would unabashedly air out their dirty laundry in the streets and in loud, strident voices for the whole neighborhood to hear. Usually, domestic affairs should not concern you as this is an internal conflict your neighbors must resolve themselves. But if you are starting to lose sleep over their raucous nocturnal quarrels, it is time to visit these neighbors and kindly let them know that their marital disputes are giving everyone within their vicinity an insider’s view of what their issues are. If that does not cause them to cease then perhaps calling the homeowners association would be of help to you.


At some point in your life, you have encountered these neighbors. They make your life more complicated than it should be. They are the stand-offish neighbors who you cannot just seem to get even the briefest nod from and where a hello from you would go unanswered. Sure, we all want to foster good relations with our neighbors but dealing with this particular neighbor is especially difficult. If this is the case, do not let it dampen your spirits, choose to say hello and wave as it would represent you and your intentions well. If this goes unanswered or ignored, remember it says more about them than it does about you.


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