Home Selling 101: Listing Mistakes that Prevent Your Home from Selling

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Are you looking to make extra money on the side? Are you in the business of real estate investment? Or you are just looking for a new place to stay by getting rid of your old one. Selling your home requires a bit more than just having it set up in a premier location complemented with a decent, reasonable and enticing price. Although those two factors do probably help your cause, they are not exactly the only things involved in expediting the process of selling your home. After all, the logistics in real estate business is pepper with a whole lot of hard work, commitment and other unique factors you may not have heard of until just recently.

The main thing you have to consider is that the erratic state of the real estate market is beyond your control, and seeing as this is the case if you would want your property to fetch a reasonable price and be relevant in home listings, then thorough research in this area would do you a big favor. Additionally, you cannot always rely on the opinions of real estate agents; instead, treat them as supplemental ones to the ones you have formed backed with adequate research.When you find yourself unable to sell your house for quite a long stretch of time, then there must be other factors affecting your success in closing a sale or even having a prospective buyer. If you find yourself in a similar situation then perhaps, you may be doing something wrong— mainly how you went about the wordings and more in your listings. To find out some of the fatal faux pas most homeowners would commit in listing their homes for sale, take a look at the list down below.


Real estate professionals all have a different opinion regarding the best time to put your home in a listing, but the truth is, there is no way to tell when this would be. Considering the real estate’s market erratic state, it could pose a challenge as to when the best time to list is. The truth is, there is a sweet spot for every market including the real estate. You would most probably luck out if you listed right after the first wave of sellers which would come right after the Christmas season (around January and February). Boost your chances by listing before the influx of buyers which would happen typically in April and May as this will make your listing pop up when these buyers are starting their hunt.


Be very selective and meticulous when it comes to what you write about your home. Regardless of whether your property locates at in two Roxas triangle or anvaya cove, if you fail to list it using the appropriate words, your chances of selling it will be relatively slim. This is because the wording largely influences how many potential buyers would visit and the sum they would be willing to pay. Do not proclaim any grandiose aspects of your home if they are nonexistent or you will end up disappointing potential buyers. Be very specific about your wordings instead of vague and do not only just say that you are selling a nice and unique home. Tell your prospective buyers what is so unique about your homes and what is so nice about it such as detailing how you have walk-in closets, carpeted floors or granite countertops. Paint a picture of your home using words for your prospective buyers, and they may just consider giving your house a visit.


We all want to have the best and most reasonable deals when it comes to selling our properties. And a fraction of us would want to make a lot more by charging exorbitantly. However, this would be counterintuitive to your primary goal of selling your home as it would turn off a significant fraction of potential buyers. The reality is, with an existing stiff competition in the real estate market, more and more sellers would, at least, take one price cut and the depth of those cuts and when you make those can make a significant difference. Consider that those prospective buyers are more receptive to cuts when they have made shortly after the listing rather than when a home has lingered for some time on the market seeing as this may be a desperate attempt to sell it finally.


Just like how you select only the best photos to post on your social media, so should you for your home. A particular listing’s photos can be the make or break factor for getting someone to schedule an in-house visit. As this is the case, consider hiring a professional photographer to present your home in the best light and take it from the best angle. Additionally, clean your house and spruce it up before taking photos. Remember, you want to depict your home in the best light.

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